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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Always Wanted To Be Nurse


I was told I didn't have the math skills, but medicine and health have been big interests for me, and they still are.

I have been taking care of my Tim and doling out his meds everyday, and teaching the girls what to do as well.  They are very good about caring for others.  I encourage him in his therapy and make sure he has his coffee just the way he likes it.  It is a pleasure and a joy to do this for him.

I find that God has granted my desire when He made me a wife and mother.  Little did I realize that in that gift, I would use all the areas of interest that He placed in me.

I love to care for my family.  I nurse boo boos, research the best way to deal with poison ivy or bug bites, I take care of minor burns and tummy aches.  I know how to deal with bee stings, or when to call the doctor about a fever. I do not turn green at blood or at broken bones, or staples, used in place of stitches...

I thank God for allowing me to function in the interests that I have, and the blessing of using them to care for my family!


  1. I remember you and Tim helping when Evan bit through his tongue! What a lot of blood!! You were a big help!!

    After being in the NICU for so long, Robert said he would have liked to have been a nurse, me too! So interesting!!

  2. The best part of being a stay at home mom is that we get to fulfill our dreams! Nursing, teaching, baking, gardening.... isn't God good?

  3. He is indeed, Tracy. I am in awe of how He works - putting dreams into our hearts and then using them in ways we never imagined.

  4. All of this and most of the time there are no

    I can't say that is the favorite part of what I do but I have learned so much about healthcare and medicine over the years.

    It is good to hear that Tim is receiving your expert care. He must love all of the attention.

  5. He is such an easy fuss. Is thankful for everything...most nurses don't have it so good.

  6. I think that when you become a mom, you become everything!! You are a nurse, a chef, etc! If I wasnt a teacher, then my next passion was to be a nurse with the babies!!

  7. I work in a nursing home and love it. There is nothing better than caring for your own family though.

  8. Deanna:
    This is a gift, to be kind and patient and enjoy taking care of others. I bet Tim is thankful you have it! Also, the kids' future spouses will thank you someday!
    Love, Jen


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