Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am working on a new ball gown for Lindsay for our Jane Austen Ball.  I am using the pattern below and doing view A - the one with short sleeves.  We have modified it in that we have raised the neckline a bit.  It is going to be all white, which was very common in the Regency period, and I can't wait to finish it!  Emily's dress is an almost exact copy of view A - which I made in the fall of 2007 and it now fits her beautifully!

Today we are going with friends the PA Fabric Warehouse to buy fabric to make skirts for both daughters and mothers...It will be fun to work together to make some pretty skirts for Easter.

What are you doing today?


  1. Sweet!

    Chelsea and I are having a girl day together while Warren and the boys are off on their adventure.

  2. What lovely patterns. I'm sure they'll turn out wonderfully.

  3. Please post the dress when it's complete. I am working a jacket for me i hope to have it done so that I can wear it to church tomorrow:)

  4. I did a little sewing yesterday, too. Not much, but I'm trying a simple shirt pattern out of clearance material to see if I like the fit.

    Can't wait to see how the dress turns out. It will be so cute. You are a braver seamstress than I am to alter the neckline. Sounds intimidating!

  5. Wow...this is going to be beautiful....can't wait to a lover of all things *Jane*

  6. Deanna, I'm salivating!! Jane Austen ball!? I want to have a Jane Austen ball!! How fun! That dress is beautiful, and I can't wait to see your posts about the finished product! I pray that I also get to share that interest with my girls when they're older. Grace regularly "reads" my copy of P&P so we're off to a good start. :o)

    Have a lovely weekend, and I'm so glad to hear tha Tim is doing better! Praying now for Lindsey and her wisdom teeth!


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