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Monday, October 4, 2010

Give Away To Come....

Over the weekend we had trouble with our wireless keyboard.  I could read but not comment.  Do you know what torture that was for me?  You probably enjoyed it, but I felt like I had duct tape over my mouth! sigh...

Yesterday on my birthday, Tim gave me a was a refurbished one from Cyber Warehouse.  He had some reservations about buying it from them but went ahead.  He was so excited to give this gift to me!  I was thrilled to get it!
He had Lindsay charge the battery so I could get right on and set it came up with a user name and needed a password.  hmmm.  I couldn't get on the computer at all.  Big disappointment, especially for Tim who worked so hard to surprise me!  

No problem, we go this morning to drop our van off to get new tires put on.  Mom and Dad meet us there and we go get some breakfast.  We to to Cyber Warehouse, tell the guy at CW what the issue is.  He says, "Oh it's an easy fix, you just do this and this..." We said, "Great!  You fix it and we'll come back."  He tells us about an hour, so we go pick up the van which is finished and go to Barnes and Noble to hang out.  We say our good byes to my parents, go back to CW and pick up the computer.  Since it is fully charged still Tim asks me to start with the set up.  We head home.  I get to the part where I enter my password and hint and the curser starts jumping to the front of the word I am trying to type and when I type an l I get an asterisk in front of it.  Tim goes around the block and we return to CW.  

The tech is completely baffled and wouldn't you know?  No more computers just like it etc...We of course can buy this other one for more money and do a trade in on my really old one...but of course first we must transfer data from it to my desktop.  They could do a data transfer for $50 which of course would eliminate any benefit of the trade in...sigh...As they can do nothing about giving us the computer at a lower price etc..we go in search of a better deal and end up with a brand new one from Costco that includes a 2 year warranty.  The one from CW was 90 days. Unless of course we want to buy one, which then puts the price up above the Costco one anyway!

My computer is the Acer Aspire - it is a bronze color with texture on the case.  Very nice.  My husband is smiling again and so am I!

I will be back after dinner to announce the giveaway winner!  Thanks for your patience!


  1. What a lovely gift- minus the headache of the run-around, but it all got resolved in the long run. That's what really matters. What a sweet husband!

  2. Yikes! Glad you finally have one that works!

  3. It's a love/hate thing with computers isn't it? When they're working they're great, but when they aren't....big pain and I wonder why I ever mess with it. :) Happy belated birthday. Have fun setting up your new laptop. What a sweet husband you have! Lisa~


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