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Friday, October 8, 2010

I Found It! UPATE!

I am a happy girl!

***Thanks for all your interest in my lost Bible!  I am so happy to have found it.  It was under my bed at the foot.  I have a wicker table there and I thought of the fact that it could have fallen off of the table, I ran my hand under there and I think a child checked too.  For some reason today, I decided to move the table, get on my hands and knees and look.  There it was!  ****


  1. I'm so happy for you! It once was lost...but now it's found. Just like us!!! :) Happy reading!

  2. I know how hard it would be to lose a Bible that has been personalized with your own underlines and such!

    My husband's Bible is falling apart so our daughter bought a new one for him a few years ago (same Bible) but he still doesn't want to give up the one with all his handwritten notes.

  3. I bet you found it in the last place you looked. Lol. I would be lost without mine. I have notes and colored markings underlining favorite passages and thoughts and , etc etc etc

  4. So glad that it was found. Isn't that the way- right where we just "know" that we looked.


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