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Saturday, October 23, 2010

This and That

 I have another budding photographer - Sarah.  It is natural, of course...younger sisters who admire and look up to their older sisters naturally want to do what their sisters do.

 I took this photo yesterday when I was out and about.  It is so beautiful in Pennsylvania right now...sunny days, mild weather, beautiful skies...I couldn't get this tree to look right, so I used the setting to add some red and it turned out right.  

 Sarah who took her turn being sick today, took this photo the other day.  I loved the way she captured my favorite clouds.

 She took this photo too.  Sarah has a desire to create beauty, she loves to draw, cut and arrange flowers, set things up...She gets that from her momma...the desire to create beauty in our everyday lives...

 Here is our local dairy.  They added the porch this year, I think it really adds a nice touch.  We get our milk here - it comes in plastic bags and then we put the bags into a pitcher.  I like knowing where my food comes from, include the milk we drink.  They have a huge glass half wall where you can watch the cows being milked. 

 This is a beautiful barn I pass on my way home from the dairy..

 The kids and I took 3 meals out to our friends who just had a baby. Becky, myself and another gal from our church, made meals for Hope Evangeline's family.   They don't need to worry about meals for this weekend, then a family member is coming to stay for a week to help out.  The roses are a gift from the church, paid for by a sweet lady who attends.  I got the fun of picking them out, and delivering them with the food last evening.  Lindsay took photos but I don't have any right now.  This family is the one that Lindsay helps out on Mondays.  They are such a joy to her - the kids adore Lindsay and vie for her attention.  They were excited for Lindsay to see their new sister.

 This is the view from our backyard facing the farm across the road.   The tree there is turning now and is lovely to look at.  I think Sarah took this photo as well.  After growing up in Southern California, I find it wonderful to look out at farms everyday or even to see horses in my backyard!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday.  Tomorrow afternoon, our church is going to a nearby school to launch rockets!  This is so much fun, and an activity that everyone participates in either by watching and cheering them on, or chasing them down, or launching them.  It's a great bonding activity!

My nephew is on his way to Scotland to serve here.

This is an exciting trip for him and a neat opportunity.  My girls are jealous...but they have a list of things they want him to bring them....oh, Evan!


  1. How neat that y'all get your milk locally! My husband & I have just found out about a couple of farms near us where we can get raw milk. We've been looking into that & are very excited about it!

  2. Great pictures! PA is a beautiful state. I'm glad we get to live here!

  3. What pretty scenes! I have a list of stuff to tell the girls!!

  4. What beautiful pictures. I would love to live out where it is so peaceful like that instead of in the busy busy city. When I was a child we used to buy milk in plastic bags like that. The pitcher had a notch in the top to slide the top of the bag into to keep it closed. We got it, believe it or not from Dairy Queen. My family are rocketeers as well. My husband and son are in Maryland right now for a huge rocket conference.


  5. You live in such a beautiful part of the country! I love that you're able to go to the dairy and get your milk. Do you remember being able to do that in South Bay? I remember when I was little there were several dairies there where you could go get your milk and see the cows back behind. Unfortunately the land became to valuable, so it was sold to build track homes, and one by one, the dairies disappeared.

    I checked out the ministry your nephew is serving at. It sounds wonderful. I'm sure he'll love being there and serving God in this way. Is he part of a team, or did he go on his own?


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