I'm Inspired

I've got my brain in gear finally, about some of my organizational needs here in my home.

I am not a horder - I purge all the time - but I don't have good storage and stuff ends up in my room or in stacks on the counter because I don't know where to put it!

But it is starting to come together in my mind.  It may take some out of the box thinking - I am good with that, after all I have a picket fence hanging on my bathroom wall!

I've started with some storage bins for Kyle's clothes on his closet shelves and I am going to get some for my fabric - BIG need for that!  I am going to find a new cabinet or shelving unit for either my dining area where the china hutch is, or I'll put it at the end of our short hallway.  If I decide to put it where the china hutch is then, the hutch will go at the end of the hallway.

Why did I never consider that before?!

Ah, my mind is awake now....thinking, thinking...

Of course I am ready to get to it right now, but I've got some school to do with the kids first - but I can take a few measurements  while they are getting ready.

I love a creative, beautifying, homekeeping project!

I'm off to start my day!

What are you all up to?


  1. Well I must get going myself...I've been wandering about in Blogdom too long.

    Oh I do hope that you'll show us how these creative solutions play out!

  2. I am working on my place getting it organized too! I have extra closets and they REALLY need to be used other than for EXTRA clothes that I don't need! I am not getting started too early this morning, you inspire me to get off the sofa:) Have a blessed and productive day, HUGS!

  3. Good for you!
    I love your picket fence, btw.

    You might like my post today, Staying Sane while Raising Cain and Jane. I have five tips for juggling career, Kids, and kisses--chocolate or otherwise.

  4. Seems like I'm ALWAYS thinking/re-thinking storage & organization...I've been helping my husband think about arrangement in his workspace part of the garage & he's made great progress.

    Today I spent a couple of hours helping a friend who is laminating some Bible pictures, etc. to send to a missionary in Haiti. I primarily trimmed edges.... Then enjoyed lunch with another friend.

    Now, doing a couple of loads of laundry and trying to find a button to sew onto one of my husband's shirts. (Can't find a match. Grrr.)

  5. I've been doing the same thing, thinking if there is something in one room I can use in another.

    I hope to do some more sewing soon. Christopher's old dresser has my fabric stash in its' drawers but I much prefer the fabric out where I can see it.

    Hmmm... maybe I should stand between him and his bookshelf and tell the newlyweds they can't have it. It's MINE. I'm keeping it! Somehow I don't think that will work. ;)

    As I've said on my blog, the lesson learned is any furniture in your child's room when they leave home is now considered theirs (at least when you only have two kids twelve years apart).

  6. I ♥ organization! (Not that my house is a shining example! But I'm always striving...) We have been tackling a few projects too. And now I am inspired about bins for my fabrics...thank you for that great idea!


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