Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Not My Fault Really...

it's just because I am a Concrete Random, global learner and I have had a hugely busy year in 2012. (Have you ever read Cynthia Tobais' book "The Way They Learn"? You should!  It will help you understand the people in your life.)  I've just been reading it and realized how it has applied to my whole life.

See Concrete Random's are 

For a dominant Global learner "It is easier to get an organizational system than to keep it."

That's me.  I see the need, I desire to change but it's a challenge.

So how does that translate to a person that has 7 family members your caring for, 2 guests living in your basement,  owning and running a store, as well as homeschooling, and having guests for dinner several nights a week?

The fact that my house is relatively clean is amazing.  But the problem is that I tend to pile up the stuff that has no home in my bedroom and closet.  This makes me crazy, so when I went to Target yesterday to get some storage containers, I set to work on my closet.

 I have no before photos  but this is such an improvement...

 Shoes corralled....

It brings me peace. 

But I won't fool you.  My shelf in my closet is higher than my head, and if I don't stand on a chair or stool (which of course I never do) it is impossible for me to reach anything unless it is right at the edge so I tend to toss things up.  Really, I do.  In my defense I have no idea why that lovely baby dress is there...I'll have to check with my girls.  Anyway - I am going to show you a photo and you'll see what I've been living with.

 Embarrassing for sure.  But I am going to organize it.  I need to move the old Victoria Magazines, and the extra Christmas lights (they should be in our Christmas storage area in the basement) corral the beeswax and the craft items.
I hope I haven't chased you away!

My husband and I are different personalities of course but we are also different 'learners.'  He is a Concrete Sequential - Analytical learner.

We are nearly polar opposites and I need him to take over the organization of certain things - I'm just not good at it.  When he asks me where something is I have a pretty good general idea but not specifics.  He loves specifics! 

And he loves me, so he is willing to work with my quirks.  He's a keeper!

I told him last night I really do want to be organized, I just need help getting the right organizational helps to keep me organized.  I have a lot of responisibilities and I tend to start projects before previous ones are finished, which made us all laugh when I was reading the definitions outloud last night.  

Oh yes, I AM who I am!

Poor Tim!   


  1. That IS such a great book! So helpful in understanding yourself and others around you. If I remember right I am a Abstract Random. And Geoff was the opposite, just like you and Uncle Tim!

  2. This post made me smile:) I have the biggest mess in my spare bedroom right now! I spent yesterday knowing that I needed to be working on it but just couldn't get it started! We all have closets like yours, well at least I do! Have a blessed and organizing kinda day, HUGS!

  3. Oh that book sounds so interesting. John is an organizational nightmare and has spent hundreds of dollars on things he already has. I'm a little less so, though I've done the same thing. I once had a teacher beg me to organize the classroom. She said that she could keep it that way if it were once done. I obliged. She did.

    I have many areas in my home that are above my head. I had to invest in a good climbing stool with a back that I could hang onto for extra safety. Looks as if that may be something for you to consider or else put one of the taller kids in charge.☺

  4. I am right there with you......Poor Warren.

  5. Just loved this post! and so relate to being in love with and marrying someone who is so opposite, the good thing is he keeps me balanced and hopefully I help keep him balanced, it must work rather well we have been married almost twice as long as you and your dh. have. I love my step stool and really need two as I am always needing it, in it seems almost all of my rooms.~smile~ Since the renovation I have been trying to organize our home, one reason it is taking me so long.
    I read your list of all that you do and was wondering "how does she do it?' You have a busy and rich filled life, I know I have told you before of how much admiration I have for mother's who home school their children.

  6. Oh, I am so glad you shared this. It certainly did not chase me away...it made me feel human! I LOVE organization and the process of getting organized, and we have tackled two areas since Christmas and have made strides. But if anyone were to take a peek in either of my closets right now, I'd have a cow. And my kitchen cabinets need cleaning out...again. Life is like that, isn't it? By the time you get around to everything on your list, the first things need doing again. So we march onward.


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