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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ah Heirloom Gift

I nearly cried.  It's a gift given from loving hearts.  They wanted to give us something that would not be something consumed just this year, but something of meaning that we could bring out year after year.  It's a way to honor friendship and remember.

Isn't it beautiful?

Our friends may be moving back to their home state this spring.  If not that they'll have another year to a year and a half here, then they'll be headed home.  This is a gift to bind heartstrings and to remember, and to praise God for His ultimate gift that has allowed us to be in the same eternal family.

We love you Tony and Amy.  

Thank you for this gift of the heart.


  1. How beautiful, this "gift to bind heartstrings"! Perfect.

  2. How very, very special - the gift; the friendship.


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