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Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas: Tree and Gifts

We got our tree yesterday.  We usually cut our own and due to Tim's work schedule, this was causing a delay in getting our tree. So we decided to just go to a local lot and by a precut tree.

 Kyle and Kamryn got to help put the netting on the tree

 It's a beautiful 8 foot Frazier Fir.  We had to trim about 6 inches off so we can put the star on top.

 Sarah and Rachel helped Tim put it on the van roof.

When we got home our mail had arrived!  In the mail was the book I won from Lorrie.  She included an unexpected gift - an apron!
 Isn't it adorable?  All red and hot cocoa and white trim!  I wore it yesterday, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get it dirty!  I LOVE IT!  Thank you Lorrie!

 Here is the book I won.  Gladys Taber's, "Stillmeadow Calendar."
I took a peek at it and I can tell I'm going to love it!  Thanks again Lorrie!

I got the lights on the tree yesterday and Sarah put the ribbons on, but that is as far as we got.  Today we'll add the ornaments.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you my beautiful tree.  I'm going slow this season and enjoying it so much.

So do you have your tree/trees up yet?


  1. What special treats from Lorrie! Isn't it nice to get a surprise package in the mail?

    We do have our trees up now. It took most of the week, but I, too, am enjoying the leisurely pace this year. Last year, things were so hectic with my aunt's illness and getting the house ready for the photo shoot. This year, there's no pressure and I love that!

    Can't wait to see your tree! I know it's going to be beautiful! I see several ornaments that are "you"!

  2. Oh there's nothing quite like getting the tree set up and then sitting and having a look at your beautiful work.

  3. Oh what a good compromise on the tree! Lovely gifts from Lorrie. Did she make the apron? It's so adorable. And the book will be such a cozy read.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a cute apron! Nice to get a bonus along with the book! Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait to see your tree all "gussied" up! HUGS!

  5. So glad the parcel arrived - one never knows in these days before Christmas.
    Getting a tree is fun even if it's precut. Looking forward to seeing it all prettied up.


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