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Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Bits and Pieces

Today, after her classes, my girl heads home!  Her small school works on trimesters, so their break at Christmas isn't as long as a university's.  

Tim has 5 more days of work (including this weekend) then he's on vacation!  His birthday is Christmas Eve and so we will go to lunch for his birthday, and spend the rest of the day together with the family.  In the evening we will open our stockings and then watch The Nativity Story.  It's our family tradition.  

The kids and I spent part of our day with friends yesterday.  I just love a visit at Christmas time!  My friend Amy has great decorating style and her home is warm and inviting.  I took this photo from my seat on the couch.  

Aren't her Pottery Barn stockings great?

She gave me a gift she knew I'd been wanting for years.

 Isn't it darling?  I have wanted a Nativity set for Kamryn, and future grandchildren could interact with, without worry about it breaking.  This set fits the bill!  Perfect for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!  Kamryn said "This angel has stars, so it is the Star Angel."  Thank you Amy, love you!

If you didn't see Cheryl's wonderful home tour, you should!  Click here to see it.

Vee shared yesterday how she was inspired by Cheryl's poinsettia in a crock, so she put hers in a tin.  They both look great, so that inspired me to take the green foil off of mine and plunk it into a white metal bucket I have!

I also added red plaid ribbon!  It looks so much better!

Tim's Mom arrived from Florida Wednesday evening so we popped over to his brother's house last evening to say hi!  I love this photo of Grammy and Kamryn.  It was taken in very poor lighting, but you can still see their happy faces!

Grammy will be coming to our house in the evening on Christmas Day and will stay with us for the rest of her visit.  Tim's vacation means that he will get a whole week with her, without him having to leave to go to work!

We also will be visiting friends when she is with us, and I know she'll enjoy it.  She loves people.

I have a few gifts to wrap still, and a few things to pick up for the birthday boy.  But then I am done!

I have a busy day ahead so I must go.  I'm loving the Christmas season!  How about you?


  1. Oh you got your kid proof nativity set. That's the kind our kids' have for their kids. They play with it all the time at this time of year. What a thoughtful friend. Sounds like you have busy fun days ahead. Enjoy the anticipation and each thing as it happens!

  2. A most unusual Christmas for me, but I'm enjoying day at a time.
    Is that a Fisher-Price set? It's been awhile since I saw one (I bought one for each of our children's families a few years ago. They were difficult to find!)
    I'm going to go visit your friend's blog now.
    Merry Christmas to the Rabe household!

  3. Hope that Kamryn loves playing with her Nativity Set. (I understand that my grands use theirs for playing baseball sometimes...who knew those wisemen could hit it outta the park that way?! ) Your poinsettia looks very pretty in its new presentation...the little things!

    Your week sounds busy. I'm wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas! I know that it will be! w

  4. I hope y'all have a wonderful next few days together!

  5. That's a great Nativity set for children. Kamryn will enjoy playing with it. Isn't it great how one blogger can inspire another and then another? Your poinsettia looks great in the white bucket.

    Have a wonderful week of celebration with family.

  6. You have some exciting days ahead of you!! May each one be adorned with His presence!

    Love your nativity, courtesy of your thoughtful friend! There will be many happy moments spent playing with these figures!

    Thanks for your kind words about my tour...and your poinsettia looks fabulous. The ribbon was the perfect finishing touch!

  7. This is just the lovely part of the season....seeing family, visiting friends, enjoying all the decorations and seeing everyone smile! The little Fisher Price Nativity is so precious. My grandson has one too and loves it! I applaud Fisher Price for making this! I wish you a lovely and very blessed Christmas day!


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