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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Cat Is On My "List"

He's been a nice cat, easy to deal with considering he started out life as the off-spring of a barn cat.  We weren't sure how he would do living with people, but we figured that if he couldn't adapt, he would be a great barn cat in our barn.

He did adapt to family life and has lived a very happy, spoiled life.

Two things have happened this week however, that have him on my Naughty list!

The first thing happened Sunday.  As I went to pull back the covers on my bed at 11:30 pm (after a full day of church and hosting about 20 people in the afternoon/evening) I saw something not pleasant.  The cat had hacked a hairball on the bed, down the side of the bed to the floor where there was a puddle of unpleasantness and a nice big hairball attached to the bottom of my dresser!  I had to strip the bed, and being exhausted and not having my other flannel sheets out of the laundry yet, I simply pulled up the comforter on top of the unmade bed and went to sleep!

The very next day, after being away all day, we came home to find that said cat, had left unpleasantness of another sort on MY BED.  This time the mattress over was involved, and my comforter!  OY!

I cannot believe it!  I think everything may now be laundered and ready to be put back on the bed.  It's been a crazy week and it is only Wednesday!  

Our cat, Watson, is banned from my room and he is going to have to be a very good boy to get off the Naughty list!


  1. Not pleasant! Do you think he's acting up for attention? I know my dog is smart enough to get into trouble when he's feeling neglected.

  2. Hairballs happen...

    Poor baby...I have my cat on a regimen of edible diatomaceous earth. Things are going much better.

  3. Definitely on the naughty list! Wonder why he's acting up?

  4. Oh dear, I hope Watson shapes up and gets out of the proverbial "dog house". I have seen hairball remedies in drug stores.

  5. I wish I had a dollar for every "gift" my various cats have left me (sometimes only found when I literally sat on it)! And dogs too.

    But if this is not normal behavior for Watson, you might want to have him checked by a vet. There might be physical issues behind the bad behavior.

  6. Oh yes, kitty must stay off the bed:) I know you were exhausted to have to deal with that AND twice! Hope there won't be any more surprises! Sending HUGS your way!

  7. Oh dear. We had the same thing happen years ago when we returned from vacation. We pulled the throw pillow off the bed and underneath was a (ahem) "package." Come to find out, my mother (who was taking care of the cats while we were away) had let an outside cat in and closed him in our bedroom to keep him away from the inside cat. Sheesh.

    Hopefully Watson will mind his manners from now on.


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