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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Little Christmas Helper

I used to set up a Christmas Village that took up our whole 9 foot counter.  The kids loved it, it was like a giant play land.  But overtime it got harder and harder to not have that counter for a month!  So I stopped setting it up.

This year, I decided to bring out a bit of the village because I knew a certain wee girlie, would love it.

She was so excited and helped me set it up!

 She was playing with the people by this church and calling one of them "Pastor Mike."  That's our pastors' name!

 She put the kids on the sled on the porch roof of this house!

 I had to include a book store!

Somewhere along the line my 'pond' has gone missing, but she doesn't care.  These people are having fun skating!

She was quite distressed about his missing nose.  I told her we'll just pretend that he is still being made and they haven't put his nose on him yet!  That seemed to satisfy her!

In total we went with a church, a bookstore, a house and a horse stable.  Things that are real in our family's life! 

I'm glad I decided to do it.  It will give her hours of fun this holiday season!


Cheryl said...

Oh, I know that Kamryn is loving the village!! It is perfect that you chose the items that have meaning to your family.

(I was just thinking that you'd better watch Kamryn very closely if she has access to a real sled. Just sayin'.) ;)

Karen said...

What fun-and such precious memories you are making!

I can't believe how big she is!

Vee said...

Darling! Both the village and the grandgirlie. Have you a small mirror? It works beautifully for a pond.

Estelle's said...

Oh how I love a Christmas village! The churh is just exquisite! I know how much your precious little one enjoys playing with this adorable village!!

Theresa said...

I also have a village and haven't put it out this year! Mine takes up the dining room table and that is ok if we don't need to use it! I love yours and I know that WEE one will have many hours of fun! Enjoy your evening dear friend, HUGS!

podso said...

My grands play with the manger scene each and every time they come. They do the story over and over again. It's so good you are giving Kamryn such a neat memory!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

A Christmas village is the perfect thing for a young girl and her imagination. I do what Vee suggested - use a mirror from the dollar store for ponds in my fairy gardens.

Rebecca said...

I can iMAgine the fun! Let imaginations soar! Sweet.


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