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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's Christmas Adam!

Nothing like being ill to cause you to lose a few days!  I find myself on the road to recovery and see that it is Christmas Adam.  Tim started this in our family years ago, noting that, 'it's the day before Christmas Eve."

Being out of commission for these few days has caused me to need to carefully be busy today, with just a few things.  I will definitely still be resting.  My body feels wiped out still.  And I was able to do a bit of crocheting when I felt up to it and finished a few projects.

On the upside, I lost 4 more pounds this week, for a total of 32 pounds lost.  I'm wearing a comfy dress today that I haven't worn for a few years.  I'm standing amazed and grateful.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Tim!  Emma is taking him to breakfast for his birthday, we'll be going to lunch out, give him his gifts, then  in the evening we switch to Christmas Eve celebration mode and watch The Nativity Story and open our stocking gifts.  

Here are a few photos of the scarves I've made as gifts and Kamryn's quilt.

I may do some machine stitching on her quilt still, but I am happy with how it turned out.  Kamryn's snuggly blankie is one I made for her before she was born.  It's a bit too small to cover up with now, though.  She often tells me, "Thank you grandma, for making my blankie."  A few months ago (after I had already decided to make her a quilt for Christmas) she said to me, "Will you make me another blankie?"  I said, "Of course I will!"  Her first blankie was out of brown and pink minky fabric, so I chose to go in the same color wave as that with the pink and brown, and since the brown fabric (they are all from my stash) has red in it, I was able to incorporate Kamryn's Mommy,  Kayleigh, and my favorite color red!  The backing and binding are a soft red fleece material that is amazing to touch.  That is the only material I bought for this project.

I hope you enjoy a very special day on Christmas. I'm thinking of those who've lost loved ones this year, I know it will be hard.  We need Him, and that is why we have Christmas.


  1. You have been busy with your handwork! Looks great. Glad you're feeling well. Strange that I have never heard the expression Christmas Adam until today--- (in my life!) and yours was the second time hearing it!

  2. Pretty scarves and a sweet quilt for Kamryn. I love that your response was "yes." Happy Birthday to Tim in advance! Hope that he has a great day. Glad that you are feeling a little better and that you are taking it easy.


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