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Saturday, December 6, 2014

O, Christmas Tree!

Here's our tree in all its glory!  Every year I think it beautiful and this year is no exception!

 I took the photo before I pushed it back into it's place by the piano.  

Emma showed me how to use filters when I use my iPhone to take photos, so I have been having fun with that.  These were all taken with the 'chrome' filter.

 This is a shot to show you where Kamryn hung all the kids snowmen bell ornaments my mom bought them years ago.

I'm still hoping to do a house tour this coming week.  We have touches of Christmas in every room.


  1. Pretty tree with it's trimmings and special ornaments. Now sit back and enjoy!

  2. It is a bee-U-tee-ful tree! Love the Scotch influence. =D

  3. Loving your tree! My favorite ornaments at the ones with the words on them. I love words anyway, but I love them even more so at Christmas for some reason. I have them sprawled all over the place here.

    Wouldn't you think I could sprawl a few on my blog? Wink.

    (I keep trying filters on my phone and then going right back to the original. What's up with that?)

  4. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree... SO beautiful! Enjoying mine this morning while sipping my coffee! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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