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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Coming Soon To Creekside Cottage

A much needed bathroom update!

We bought our cottage almost 15 years ago, and the basics in this bathroom have not changed.  I've changed my style, we no longer have 6 kids living here, we are down to three!  What?!  Time for an inexpensive update.

The following photos were taken at 2:00 pm on a mostly sunny day.
 There is no natural light in this room.  The wall color has changed a few times but other wise the shelves and the picket fencing have been up since we moved in.

 Those towels make so much visual clutter that I took them down so you could see the space better.  Just to the right of the light switches there used to be a door that went into what is now Rachel's bedroom, but was the master bedroom when this house was first built.  The people we bought the house from added a huge master suite on to the house, so we removed the door for a better flow of space in the bedroom.

Here is the room with the vanity lights on.
 With towels - 

 without towels.  

I am planning to paint the room a shade of white or cream, and to remove the picket fence and shelf.  We no longer need to have a lot of towel space, but I'm not sure yet what I will do about hanging towels.  Tim suggested that they could hang their towels in their own bedrooms, and that is a possibility.  This is not a huge space, so I have to consider carefully what I do bring in.  The vanity has storage space but we have a nice closet in this room, behind the door, and the vanity storage isn't really needed.  I am thinking I'd like to find an inexpensive pedestal sink which would visually open up the room.

We will get a new toilet in here, and I'm not sure what I'll do about this rack on the wall.  It's purely decorative, so it can go.  I want to change the mirror out too.

This room will be done in stages, and until we can replace the vanity, I will be painting that 80's oak with chalk paint.

We have big plans for the master bath but that will be a bigger project and will have to wait until we have a bigger savings.  We don't like to accrue debt, so we'll do these projects as we can.

I've been pinning a lot of inspiration.  I like farmhouse style, cottage style, but I like a bit of elegance, too.

I like the mirror and the mix of elegance (sink top and fixtures) with the rustic.

 I'm really drawn to this look of wood top and white vanity.  I'm going to change out our kitchen countertops to this look this summer!

All images are from my pinterest board.

I like lots of things about this photo.  Shiplap, interesting sink, great mirror - again rustic and elegant at the same time.

Pinterest is so great for inspiration!  But has anyone else noticed that the 'pin' button now says 'save?'  Why did they change it?  

I'm excited about working on these projects to update our home.  I may be opening a can of worms here but what do you think?  Likes, dislikes, things you learned during an bathroom update?  Let's talk!

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  1. I'm smiling because we've been all over the bathroom remodel issue. We were going to take the plunge and do a major rehaul, but the $15,000+ cost meant a readjustment in our approach. We're just recovering from the shock of the cost and trying to figure out what really needs to be done and the best way to go about it. BTW, I like that wood counterpart, too.

  2. I'm currently planning two bathroom projects and so have been looking at fixtures. It is a mix of fun and frustration....just at the pricing. I have expensive tastes apparently.

  3. You have some nice ideas there! Sounds like a fun project for spring!

  4. It would be hard for me not to knock out a wall or a part of the ceiling to add a window! But I like what you did with it.

  5. Why are towels assigned? I am missing something... I like that picket fence you have! Pinterest is fabulous for finding decor. It is good that you have identified what you like specifically. Of the bathrooms you've shown, I like option #3. Shiplap! Spoken like a true Joanna Gaines' fan... =D

    1. Kids towels used to be chosen by their favorite colors when all 6 kids lived here. Now the girls like the bath sheets, so it's not a big deal anymore but those big towels create visual clutter and make the small bathroom seem smaller. Especially when they don't put the dirty towels in the laundry before getting out a clean towel to use!

  6. It'll be such fun to make some changes to fit your current needs! I love, love that white vanity with the wooden top!! Your picket fence is wonderful...such a charming and unique touch...but I understand what you mean about visual space. We have loved having a peg rack in our bathroom rather than a traditional towel bar. It seems to take less space.

    I know you'll find something fabulous to do. Keep us posted!

  7. I like the wood countertop too but remember you have a dark bathroom already. A pedestal sink will open it up, as you said, but you may miss even the small amount of countertop you had. When we had a toilet replaced we chose a higher toilet and have been so thankful we did, especially when I had my knee replacement. It's good for older people and handicap people too, so it's not a bad thing to have in a home.

  8. I am also partial to that #2 picture that Cheryl mentioned. Bathrooms can really be hard to decorate sometimes. I really liked that picket fence idea for the towels...never seen that before! Good luck deciding on your updates!

  9. We're in the process of inexpensive updates to one of our bathrooms. Unfortunately, my husband isn't budging on replacing the large unframed mirror with a smaller framed one, which would really help give it the look I want. I'm excited to see yours when it's finished!

  10. I love all your ideas and your inspiration pics. I think I have some of those same photos pinned! I have to say I love the 1st photo's industrial chic vibe.;-)

  11. I love all the images you collected and the picket fence towel rack is darling. What an absolute delight this post is!!! Thank you so very much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  12. looks like you have a lot of great ideas!

  13. Deanna, we have a bathroom exactly like you've shown here. I struggle with where to put towels too. Ours is a guest bath...I've put hooks on the back of the door but people never seem to see them. Looking forward to seeing your project. :)


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