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Monday, April 11, 2016

I Did A Bit Of Sewing On Saturday

I haven't had my sewing machine out for quite a while, but I needed to mend a dress for Rachel, and we've been needing a few new aprons.  Several of our aprons are in REALLY bad shape.  One was so bad Tim said I should throw it away!

I never did get to the aprons, though I did pick out the material that I am going to use to make two new ones, soon!  What I did do was make two sets of pillow cases!

I love how they turned out!  One set it going to a friend for a birthday gift.  The other set I may use!  I like that they are vintage style patterns, but I usually buy solid pillow cases, because I like to mix and match my linens.  These two patterns would actually work well with the linens I have for my bed, and I think it would be pretty to have some pattern pillowcases on the bed.

What do you think?  What kind of pillowcases do you usually use?

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  1. Fun to have some sewing time!!

    I love your new pretty! I can see those red ones on your bed!

    Bekah has a pretty white pillow case with pink embroidery touches that I picked up at Pottery Barn on clearance. Kati has some blue polka dots pillow cases layered in front of her white ones. Ron and I? Boring. Just the pillow cases that go with the sheet set. I have plans though. I am imagining some l-o-n-g checked pillow cases like ones I have seen in a primitive bedroom I admire on Pinterest. :)

  2. I think pillow cases are a nice gift to give, especially if someone is sick for a time … a really fun patterned fabric would bring cheer!

  3. You inspire me to sew something:). Love your pillowcases! Enjoy your day my friend. Hugs

  4. Oh, I so love sewing, but great Spring works outside and blogging are taking too much of my time, I have to make up my mind and make a change in my life, I cannot do everything, for sure !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you most wonderful days to come,
    with love and thankfulness


  5. I use both plain and printed or florals on my bed. I think pillow cases would make a lovely gift for anyone. Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful day.


  6. Absolutely love those fabrics. I like pillows covers with zippers so they are easy to change and/or clean.

    1. Loved it when I saw this pretty fabric pop up at TOHOT. :)

  7. Oooh...I like them! I also like the idea of having printed ones. Speaking of aprons, have you ever made one from a pillow case?? Or a bed ruffle? I have a collection of Goodwill linens of all sorts to repurpose for this very reason. Like you though, I neglect my sewing machine more than I should, but when I get it out, I find myself sewing all sorts of things...until my back starts hurting...then I put her away...for another long while :)

  8. Dear Deanna:
    I love the fabrics you are using. I love fabrics with texture like yours. Pillowcases would be lovely and also soft which is important. I am so glad you linked and shared!

  9. Ha! It's funny that husbands even notice our aprons. I was wearing one that was ripped for so long that my husband bought me two new ones for Christmas! Love the fabrics for your new pillow cases, yes keep one for yourself!

  10. I truly sighed when I saw these lovely fabrics and oh the textures.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiration with us at Thoughts Of Home on Thursday!

  11. I love that fabric!!! I know they're gorgeous! You have to show us how they look on the bed!


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