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Friday, April 22, 2016

Tea With Friends

Yesterday, my mom and my good friend Jennifer went to tea!  We said it was to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday, but spending time with friends over tea is always a good idea!

We had a lovely afternoon.  

Today we are heading out to visit friends in New York for the weekend.  We are excited.  Some of our married kids are housesitting for us.  We have two horses and 15 chickens that need to be cared for.  It works out since they have a big airsoft game planned here for Saturday.

I'll take lots of photos, and see you back here Monday.  Have a happy weekend!


  1. It looks like a pretty tearoom and a lovely time. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Pretty teacup and teapots and that food looks so good. Yes, getting together for tea or anything with friends is a great idea. Enjoy your weekend trip, looking forward to seeing the photo's.

  3. Looks wonderful! Glad that you made a celebration of her majesty's day. Have a fun weekend!


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