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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Playing With Puppies

You may remember that Rachel's dog, Sadie, died in January.  It was hard on us, and at the time Tim and I were in no hurry to get a new dog.

Recently Rachel has missed her dog and wishing she had one.  At the farm where we buy our hay, they had puppies born three weeks ago.  They do not bred dogs, they just had two of their family's dogs (one is owned by the parents, the other owned by their oldest son and his wife, and they work the farm together) get together.

The result is a batch of 11 adorable Vizsla/Golden Retriever puppies.

We got to go have a look at them last night.

 They are very sweet.  Rachel is in love, of course.  We have a wait of at least 5 weeks before they are old enough to leave mama.  We'll likely go back in a few weeks and see which pup she'd want.

It'll be nice to have a dog around again.


  1. That brought tears. I'm so happy for all of you. It just isn't the same without a dog in the house.

  2. so darling... what sweet faces. vizslas was a new word for me so i looked it up and learning something about the difference in breed type. here's a link for those who might be interested:

  3. Oh thanks to Sherry I can easily go looking for that new to me word, too. Just one puppy? Not two? ☺

  4. Oh my. That was an interesting read on Vizlas. Forget what I said about two!

  5. Aw--it would be hard to just choose one!

  6. Aww! so precious, Deanna, congratulations on the upcoming new family member! I am not familiar with the Vizlas breed, but will check them out!!
    Have a blessed day,

  7. Puppies! They are adorable! I can see why Rachel is in love. :)

  8. can't wait to see the new puppy!


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