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Friday, October 22, 2021

Good News Friday


Let's all find a way to tell our government NO! We like our freedom, thank you very much! Take a stand, speak truth to others, help people wake up!

Did you see the big walk outs from General Electric? 

Southwest Airlines has now said they will not place unjabbed employees on unpaid leave. They saw how disrupted their flights were last week, when employees took their unused paid vacation time, and the holidays are upon us. They don't want a repeat of that during Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Have you seen this video?

Again, let me be clear. I support your right to be jabbed. This is the land of the free. I just also want American's to be free to say no to the jab. When a government starts threatening businesses to force them to demand that their employees are jabbed as a condition of their employment, we are in dangerous waters.

But look at this list of individuals and companies pushing back and having success.

Have you seen that the NIH has now admitted that they funded "gain of function" at the Wuhan Lab? I'm sure that Fauc* said that they didn't fund that, and that Senator Rand Paul, who is a doctor, didn't know what he was talking about and was lying.

It'll be interesting to see what happens. Will Fauc* be held in contempt for LYING UNDER OATH? Will the different scientists start turning on each other now? The truth always comes out eventually.

The big news from yesterday is Truth Social!  You can sign up {here}. DJT has begun a social media platform that will be similar to Twitter. There will also be Trump Plus which sounds like it will be a place for streaming movies, etc. Won't it be great to have a platform for information that is not censored?!

Did you see that it came out that, you know those fact checkers making sure people don't spread misinformation about cov*d and potential treatments, is funded by vaccine companies?!

I'm telling you, you can't make this stuff up?

Merrick Garland, the US Attorney General, has been having family make money off of issues that the government is promoting. His son in law owns the company that produces the CRT materials. His wife works for a company that opposed audits. Corruption much?

For interesting reading look up Fauc*'s wife. 

The circle of corruption is tight among those families. It wouldn't take much to get the dominos falling.

Truth is on the move, friends. I can see it everyday. Let's keep our eyes open for it and share it with others! Let's all do our part! Be brave, be bold!

God allowed us to be here at this point in history for a reason!


Beside a babbling brook... said...

Grrr... Lost my comment!

So... Quickly... Again...

No Justice for Faucc* or any of the others. Did Hillary and her whole 'Band of Merry Friends,' get Justice??? And that was even before this Administration, got in.

For the Truth thing, you have to get an Ap. Do you really think, that will ever see the light of day? If you have to get an Ap? Unless DJT has his own way, to do Aps. I really don't know. the place to look, is on Bill OReilly .com. He is interviewing him, and doing live shows with him.

I applaud your trying to look on the bright side.

But I do not see any bright side, when I look with clear eyes.

This is too big (global), and has been in the works for too long.

Per usual, they have been telling us, how and what their end game is. But we have not been listening.

Gentle hugs,

Vee said...

Have been waiting for those dominoes to go for several months. The incestuous relationships among these people is beyond corrupt. Very interesting.

Sue said...

I agree with everything you have shared, to see what these people do and get away with just boggles the mind, sometimes I think I am having a nightmare, We must let our voices be heard, Thank you thank you so much!

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