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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Let's Chat


Our color is just beginning to come on this year. I took this photo yesterday, and the photo below is from 2015, taken around October 10th.

Another difference I see is that we painted the playhouse red since this photo was taken, and I'm glad we did! I can't wait for my beautiful view to burst into color!

The small stand of maples by the creek are beginning to turn. The grey skies are a constant this month, and the tree color looks a bit brown. It's not. The Burning Bush below it is beginning to turn red.

I don't often share photos of my grands but Isla and Klaire both turned five this week! So here are a few photos of them.

Emma made Isla's cake! Isn't it great? The kids are really into dinosaurs right now.

Here is Klaire while we were singing Happy Birthday! She was pretty excited!

I made her cake. I attempted a number 5 and I threw a bunch of candy on it! Ha! She loved it. I was going to make it purple, but found out just before I colored the frosting that she likes blue now! Whew!

Today is my brother in law's birthday! He is in Africa right now but will be home in a few weeks. The siblings and a few others are going to gather in Florida at the end of the month for my MIL 100th Birthday!


Kyle and I started attacking the mess in my cottage garden. With my back issues, and the busy summer focus of moving my parents into our home, this poor garden has a lot of weeds! Today we have a bit of weeding to do, the plants to cut back. My zinnia are still going strong, and we've cut a few roses this week, too.

The zinnia are getting powdery mildew so they'll be going soon, too. I think I'll try to cut as many as I can today. I'm also going to cut a lot of Limelight Hydrangea. The colors are so pretty right now and they dry beautifully.

Our Fall Fest might get rained out on Saturday, but our rain date on Sunday is looking good. I need to get some pumpkins, mums, and apple cider! Oh and also paper goods, and cups for cold and hot drinks.

I love hosting our fall fest. It's so much fun.

I guess that is all I have for today. I hope you are encouraged in the midst of the crazy. So much being revealed, and so many people fighting for freedom. 

It's an amazing time to be alive.


  1. It's a beautiful fall in your neck of the woods!!

  2. I can't remember if I've said it before, but your fall header is absolutely gorgeous. The photos in this post, likewise. It is indeed an amazing time to be alive. Some days it's challenging to feel encouraged, but God is in complete control.

  3. More delightful family fun!!!

    Wow you were lucky, to find out about the BLUE cake frosting preference, just in time. LOL



  4. Five years old?! Time truly is zipping by. Both cakes look yummy to me.

    You're going to be busy the next while. Have great fun and don't overdo it.

  5. Such cute pics of the little ones! I LOVE the picket fence pics, beautiful! I am looking forward to some colorful leaves around where we are. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. You live in such a beautiful part of the country!! Loved seeing what YOU see!

  7. Such darling little birthday girls!! Lots of birthdays, lots of excitement in your family these days!

    Our leaves are just beginning to turn and I am ready for it! I am SO ready for the cooler temperatures that will be arriving in a few days. Enjoy your Fall Fest this weekend!


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