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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

My Apple Harvest


Years ago we planted some fruit trees. Two Red Haven Peach trees which died, and two Liberty apple trees, which have grown some but not great. We've never gotten a good harvest and only one tree ever bears fruit. 

When I've looked up the picking dates it always says October. Last year most got eaten by birds, and this year we got about three that weren't totally ruined. This photo shows one. They are not big apples, but heirloom varieties usually are not as big as modern varieties. The taste is good, its a crisp apple, not soft, and it has a mellow flavor. 

I'm a poor apple grower, but our good friends own an orchard now and so I am going to seek advice. Wouldn't it be grand to pick your own apples from your own trees?

They probably just are neglected and with a bit of care will do better. 

Do any of you have fruit trees or advice for me?

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  1. Not from my own experience, but the apple orchard where I worked as a teen fell into a horrible state over the years. It was not producing and the trees seemed to be dying. The new owner (about ten years ago) hired an expert who brought that orchard back with proper pruning, proper insecticides, etc. The orchard is producing beautifully again. I may go out this afternoon and get some apples. I think it would be wonderful to have apples from my own tree. My parents had three apple trees and I loved picking the apples. It was an old variety sweet and crisp. The only problem was they had some worms, which we had to cut around. Hope that you can rescue your trees so you can have a proper harvest.


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