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Monday, October 11, 2021



The weekend started out on Thursday evening, because Klaire and Kamryn spent the night! They came home with Kyle and I after co-op and stayed over because Friday morning we had our annual Fire Safety Day at the Kinzer Fire Company! I think this was our 19th year! 

Here is my dad sitting in the hall during the video presentation. Lots of good information, an impactful video about why you should always sleep with your door closed, good questions by the kids, and many happy families! We had a huge turnout from the co-op this year, about 140 people!

The Kinzer Fire Company is station 45, the ambulances and other vehicle are from a neighboring station in Gordonville, they are station 43. A cool thing about volunteer firefighters is that they work together on big fires, and even buy differing equipment that benefits them all!

My dad's station is about 40% Amish. They are very community minded. Most of these guys get there by scooter. 

After the fire company we came home. Kyle, Mom, Kamryn, and I went to get groceries, and Klaire stayed and helped grandpa. (Tim)

Family night was chicken patties and fries, and for dessert Lindsay brought amazing brownies! We played SkyJo this week.


On Saturday, Mom and I went out to run an errand and decided to go to a antique mall we hadn't been to in ages!

I found the above tea cups and a small red plaid cup and saucer. I'll show you more about those tomorrow.

It was a full weekend with church, and the girls here for the day. I also got to talk to Isla who turned five yesterday! Now today is Klaire's 5th birthday! These cousins were born a day apart but less than 24 hours apart! Amazing!

I am going to make Klaire's cake today! So fun!

This coming Saturday is our annual Fall Fest! We are so excited to host it once again! So this week, we'll be doing things like tidying my front garden, and sorting through things on the deck. Our pool is where our old bonfire spot used to be, but this year I think we'll use my fire ring on the patio and set up food at the top of the driveway!  It promises to be another memory maker!

I hope your weekend was a good one. After this coming weekend, we settle down until Thanksgiving! I'm ready for a bit of a breather! 



ellen b. said...

We put the 'pedal-to-the-metal' and made it all the way home 602 miles worth on Sunday. Yeehaw. No place like home. You had a nice full weekend. We always sleep with our door closed. Glad to be doing something right. :) How fun for cousins to be born that close. Cousins are a blessing. Happy new week to you and yours.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Another totally lovely weekend!

And look at all those people, TOGETHER.

Mmmmm, makes you wonder......

All these *news* stories of china/covid doom and gloom....


Makes you wonder, doesn't it?????????


Cheryl said...

A full weekend for you, and good times with the grandgirls! You keep showing me games I don't know. I am shocked that Isla and Klaire are five years old!

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