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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Let's Chat


Tomorrow I am going to tea with my mom and my friends Katie, Jennifer, and Ruth. Katie was widowed in August, and it'll be good to be with her again. She's busy with her little boys, and her big kids. Ruth lives nearly four hours away (she is Jen's mil) and we always try to see her when she is visiting.

Here is a photo of the tea room we love to visit. This was a few years ago in the autumn. Can't wait to be together tomorrow.

I found this photo on the blog from many years ago. This was when we had the bedroom we're in now, but it was because our four daughter's shared the primary suite. We had a double bed in those days.

We are back in this room, because my parents are in the primary suite! Now, however, we have a king size bed! A California King, no less. 

If you are observant, you'll see the same Waverly pattern on the bed. We found it on Ebay earlier this year. This was a special set that Waverly did with Target years ago. I kept looking for it and finally found it! It was very reasonably priced too, and in perfect condition!

We are nearly to the end of October, and I'll be sad to see it go. It's my favorite month. We've had lovely, mild weather, but not too warm! We've had sunshine and grey skies. Last night we got a big thunderstorm! The rain was lovely coming down most of the evening.

Our friend Denny was here, I made Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice soup for dinner. It's a hit here. With it getting darker earlier, by the time we ate dinner at a little after 6:00pm, I had my candles on, the diffuser going. We have the light over the table on a dimmer switch so we can adjust the lighting. I hate eating with bright over head lighting.

It was cozy. 

We are starting to get good color here, and I am hoping that it will last through the weekend. Tim and I will be away Friday through Tuesday to celebrate my mother in law's 100th Birthday on Sunday! Bless her heart.

I want to show you two photos of the same tree taken three years ago.

This photo was taken on a Tuesday

This photo was taken on Thursday the same week!

Once the color gets going, it can go fast! I don't want to miss this beauty.

I won't be home on Friday to do my Good News Friday post, but I'll try to get it posted late on Thursday.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


Vee said...

You have a busy week ahead filled with good things.

Once the color starts rolling, it moves fast. Way too fast.

Pretty cool that you were able to find the Waverly bedding. I am the same way. If I love something, I don't need a change to something new. I am perfectly content to keep on with the same bedding, the same color paint, the same paint.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

I think I remember you and your Mother, going to that tea room, when things began to open up again.... -smile-

Have a lovely time on your visit. Happy Birthday to that Lady!!!!

Yes, here comes November.

🎃 👻 🍬 🎃 👻 🍬 🎃

Sue said...

It's so heartwarming to me to see friends and family getting together again the photo of the tea room reminds me of one in a small town nearby that friends and I would gather. The town had may antique shops also, enjoy your day!
I am not one to change bedspreads/comforters very often, I like Waverly patterns very much, you have chosen a pretty pattern.
I agree the leaves of fall change so quickly, way to quickly!
Enjoy your time away thank you for visiting me, I seem to have hit a writers block on my blog, thank you for sharing!
Looking forward to your Good News Friday post! Each day things seem to change so much!

Kim said...

100!! That's amazing! Enjoy the trip!!

ellen b. said...

Hooray for King Sized beds! I'm never going back except when a guest in homes with queen beds. :)


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