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Monday, October 25, 2021


 I'm enjoying these autumn weekends.

For our Friday Family Game Night, we decided to roast hotdogs over a fire, and to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. It was very nice and relaxing.

On Saturday Tim had a job in the morning but in the afternoon we decided to take a spontaneous road trip to see the fall foliage a few hours away. It rained for a while, the area that was supposed to be peak foliage wasn't quite, but we found a lovely road to travel down, saw some cute little towns, and enjoyed time with mom and dad.

Mom took this photo.

Kyle had gone to the Adirondacks with Rachel for the day. She met up with a friend from school and enjoyed seeing Word of Life campus' changes since she graduated a few years ago. They had a good time, too.

Sunday was a good day in church. I was reminded that I am often impatient for God to work on my timetable. We need to trust him with those people and things we pray for!

We had pulled pork sandwiches here at home, with coleslaw and baked beans. We had cooked the pork loin all night in the crockpot and by the time we got home from church, it was tender and delicious.

Then I made some cappuccino muffins for some friends. Tim was going to return a trailer and some work equipment to our friends shop, which is on the same property as their house, and even though they weren't home, we left the muffins for them. You can find the recipe on this {post.}

We've had a mild autumn so far, and my zinnia and roses are loving it. The climbing rose next to the deck is full of roses right now, and I sent Kamryn out to cut some yesterday while I did dishes after lunch.

They are very sweet.

I hope you had a very good weekend. So much going on, I hope you are paying attention and praying. Then making your voice heard to your senators and representatives! They work for us. So do our governors, doctors, etc. 


  1. Anything over a fire is wonderful!!!!

    Your mom takes a great picture!

    We have roses blooming too. But can't bring them in, because of our allergies to alllllll cut flowers. -sigh- Enjoy yours!!!!


  2. Sounds like a great weekend! If you go back next weekend, you can compare notes. Impromptu meals around a fire must be great!

  3. Your roses are so pretty! Everything here is pretty much done for the season. I've put the gardens to rest until spring. I was hoping we could do something fun and fall related on Sunday but the weather turned cold and it rained and blew all day. So we enjoyed the day inside and then helped my dad put chains on his tractor so he'd be ready for winter! I'm still hoping to get one last bonfire in before fall is over!

  4. Beautiful. The foliage is just now starting to peek here in the Southern Tier of NY. p.s. I think those politicians, dr.s etc. all have forgotten whom they work for, just saying.

  5. I love hearing about the things you do and the places you see and the people you do all this with!


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