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Monday, October 18, 2021


 This weekend was all about our Fall Fest. Friday night though, Tim and I went to dinner with the realtors that sold my parents house. Tim does inspections for them during the year, and he always highly recommends them for buying or selling a house. They wanted to thank us for the referral and they said the sale for my parents house was so easy and smooth. Apparently that doesn't happen very often.

On Saturday, I went to the pumpkin wagon and bought four pumpkins for $6.00. Two pumpkins were $2 each and two were $1 each.

After church, and a lunch of fund raiser pretzel bread sandwiches (perfect for a busy afternoon) we set up tables on our driveway for hot and cold drinks and food. Kay made her excellent chili, we had hot dogs, and people brought something to share. We had cider we bought at our local produce stand. They make their own and we love it.

Tim and the guys (Kyle, Nate, and Wes) hung our outside lights on our patio area, and we had my fire ring and lots of seating on the patio.

Tim gave his famous hay rides, probably about 8 or 9 and mostly the same people. The last one of the day was in the dark with the nearly full moon shining brightly! They loved it! A few of the teen boys were howling at the moon and it set the farm dogs to barking! LOL!

I'm hoping my kids got some photos and will let me share them! 

The teens, who are a sibling group, stayed later, so did Kamryn and Klaire and they played hide and seek in the dark, and freeze tag. They all had fun and I had fun hanging out with them by the fire, talking and drinking hot mulled cider! One of the sisters, aged 19 said, "We should do this more often!" 

I agree!

It's a gift to offer hospitality, and to give love and receive it back. I'm thankful for the ability we have to host people on our property.

It was a chilly day, and a cold evening. The first real autumn weather day we've had. It was lovely in every way.

Now I have time to slow down a for a week or so. Then Tim and I head to Florida for his mom's 100th Birthday on October 31st! Amazing.

Did you all have a good weekend? Do you have good fall color where you are? We are starting to get good color here. It's a little later than most years, but not by much. Our drive to church was lovely yesterday.


  1. Here in the Southern Tier of NY it is currently 49 and cloudy and yes the fall colors are popping. Your photos bought many smiles, and thank you. I hope you have a beautiful day.

  2. You have a 'Mini-Me' for sure!!!!!!!

    Sounds delightful! For everyone. You are a wonderful person, to do all of this.

    Hay ride with howling at the moon. -gigggles-

    Our temps have gone down. Finally. It is much more seasonal.

    The leaves are falling, with rain. and then wind, even though the sun was shining. We are deep into Fall, now.


  3. It is indeed a gift to offer hospitality. We've been able to do that at our little cottage/camp so much this summer and fall. It's a blessing!

  4. A lovely weekend, indeed. You guys are always entertaining and it looks like such fun.

  5. Wearing a smile here seeing how well your fall festival went. (I had no idea how much Rachel looks like her mother until today.)

    I did have a nice weekend. Color is going fast, though there are some green leaves left.

  6. Oh, a hay ride! I haven't been on a hay ride in years! They are so much fun and especially in the dark with the moon shining bright! Our weather has been crazy - unseasoningly warm some days, cooler on others. I'm ready for fall weather. It looks like rain tomorrow then more seasonal temps. Yeah!


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