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Friday, October 8, 2021

Good News Friday

 Friends, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by how deep the corruption goes, but oh, I feel the change happening, don't you?

There is a lot of out cry from the left and that means they are not in control. When in control they move slowly so we don't notice what they're up to, and when in control they don't have to demand we fall in line with their plans!

I saw this from General Flynn yesterday and I though it would encourage you! We are winning! Don't give up!

Project Veritas has had a lot of whistleblower videos from one of the jab companies, and wow it's letting people see the what's really going on.

FB had a whistleblower this week too, but when they get on the msm, then the next day they are before congress, and now going to be before the Jan 6 committee, and they are represented and supported by many democrat associates, and they were part of the decision making at FB to hide Hunter Bid*n laptop, and you think that FB isn't censoring enough...well, you're not really a whistleblower! Oh, and they haven't tried to destroy her life yet or threaten her etc. So she is part of their plan! 

Here are some interesting things from this week - 

We all know these polls are skewed to make Bid*n look as good as possible, so if they show them with these percentage points, the real results must be BAD!

Interesting information about the tests this week, too!

You have to wonder, why so many medical personnel refuse to get the jab. 

Remember how India was having a huge surge of cov*d?
Here is how their leaders dealt with it.

Here is a video of a nurse in California stating the obvious!

Now for some interesting tidbits...

Pardon the language here...

Why would you build a set of the White House in a building across the street from the White House?  What do you all think about this?

DJT mentioned this week that the real insurrection happened on November 3, 2020 when the election was stolen. 

This is an interesting series of articles that explain some of what I believe has been going since DJT became President. {Devolution}

Keep praying, friends. I believe that we may be in for a bumpy road for a bit, and we should prepare ourselves as best we can. Do not fear!

Have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to it. This has been a busy week, and we have a field trip today for Fire Safety Month at the volunteer fire company my dad has been involved with for about 21 years. They do a great job with it, and it is very well attended by our co-op. We have about 145 people coming today! Wow!


obscure said...

Good Lord, please do some actual research from actual verifiable sites. Project Veritas has been proven multiple times to be a propaganda organization. General Flynn is a convicted felon who had inappropriate contact (and lied about it) with an enemy of the United States. These are easily vetted facts. Do you honestly think the entire world is conspiring to do something bad to you Conservatives?

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Oh yes, Ivermectin widely used in India.......

🍂 🎃 😊 🍁 🌰 🌻 🍂

ellen said...

I saw biden on video this week after being asked a question, say "I can't do anything about it, I'm not President"!!!! Is that really true or is he just being "Good ole Uncle Joe"? Confusion means someone is not telling the truth. The truth is always crystal clear. Great job this week.

Vee said...

I don't believe those approval numbers; they're much too high. Why there are signs everywhere around my state that are very uncomplimentary to the current admin. I'm considering getting one myself.

Linda said...

Thank you for your research.....I need to pray more....

Sherry said...

so much to take in, consider, decipher, be aware.
thank you..

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