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Friday, January 14, 2022

Good News Friday


These photos are from a cafe where my friend Jennifer and I had brunch yesterday. It's a half way point for each of us. It was good to be with someone who knows you well and loves you. Do you have a friend like that? I hope you do.

Let's get to the good news, shall we?

Here is a synopsis that someone put together of what happened YESTERDAY alone!

Isn't that amazing?!

In case you are unfamiliar with the Oath Keepers, what I have researched and read has lead me to believe that this group was started or infiltrated to lead people into doing stuff they wouldn't normally do. Like what happened in Michigan with the kidnapping plot on Governor Whitmer. It turned out that the FBI assets, who infiltrated a small group of disgruntled guys,  were the ones who plotted and planned the kidnapping. The guys who were in the group didn't want to be a part of it. In a group of less than 20 people total, 11 were FBI assets. The case is falling apart.

It'll will be interesting to see what happens here. Also research Ray Epps. This is Stewart Rhoades.

Read and be amazed!

Media all over the world have acted as propaganda machines for their governments. This one is trying to save themselves as the whole narrative is falling apart. (see my last post)

Also we now have that medical scientist, doctor supreme telling us this.

Maybe people won't be so willing to believe anything anyone with power and influence says.

Pedophile rings around the world are still being taken down. Thank God!

Read about Prince Andrew {here}.  There are calls by York MPs and other civil leaders in York to have him stripped of his Duke of York title, as well. {here}

I don't think the case will actually go to trial, as most civil cases in the US settle out of court, but there is talk that Virginia Giuffre has turned down a settlement offer. I don't know if that is true, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Well, that's what I have for  you today, friends. Have an excellent weekend!


  1. "We failed": Denmark newspaper -smile-

    Bill Gates said that? How will he explain this, to Fauci?????!!!!????!!!!!???? LOL

    Memo! Memo! Didn't Fauci get the memo???!!!???? Eeeeeeeek!!!!

  2. Yes, a big week. Many things going in the right direction and many more that need to go that way as well. The times are interesting indeed. Thank you for gathering so much information week after week.

  3. This is all good news indeed!!!! Now we need New York to drop it's ridiculous mandates for health care workers and college students - my poor daughters have to be boosted soon, it's awful. My younger daughter, 19 years old, a nursing school student, already had Covid, and HAS to get a booster in the next few weeks or she's out of the A student, it's just a shame.

  4. And I'm praying that health boards will be stripped of their overreach! Lots of good news and I'm praying it continues.

  5. An amazing week. I'm so thankful for the many people who are continuing to work toward exposing the truth. Who love our country and are willing to stand in the gap to protect our freedom. There is still so much darkness that needs to be brought into the light, and God is not unaware. He will shine the light on the deeds done in darkness. God bless you, sister! Hugs.

  6. Many believe Macron is the possible anti christ. People think he is a god, that's the first problem! The Queen defended Andrew. Hard to image your child as a pervert. But the evidence points to it, sad and truly, God knows what is right and wrong.
    I must research SKyjo sounds fun. My husband Avery is the Gin Rummy king. I can never beat him, hahaha. Your chicken pot pie sounds yummy. I love the earring story too. :-)
    Happy weekend!


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