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Friday, January 28, 2022

Good News Friday

The New York Times Admits Unvaxxed People Have 'Lower Rates of Infection and Hospitalization' Of Cov*d 19 Than The Vaxxed. Read {here}.

HISTORIC! Over 50,000 Truckers Join Freedom Convoy Through Canada Protesting COVID Mandates – Massive Crowds of Canadians Show Up In Support

Read more {here}.

Not good news but important to be aware of.

U.S. Developing Vaccine Passport System Using Complex Web of Big Tech Partnerships

Read more {here}.

Back to Good News.

Some good points from the Twitter-verse...

Did you see this week that Neil Young told Spotify that it was either his music or Joe Rogan's podcast? I knew this wouldn't go well, because Rogan's podcast brings in millions in revenue for Spotify. 

Also, Neil Young doesn't own the rights to his music anymore, he sold them. So there's that.

I loved this! We are winning!

Speaking of war...

Why is this administration trying to stir up war in Ukraine? Europeans aren't worried enough to get involved. Ukraine doesn't seem worried. The US wasn't invited to be a part of talks in Paris. The world knows Joe is not up to the job, and has sidelined him.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something in your life." Winston Churchill

I'll leave you today with this.

“When the world is all at odds

And the mind is all at sea

Then cease the useless tedium

And brew a cup of tea.

There is magic in its fragrance

There is solace in its taste;

And the laden moments vanish

Somehow into space.

The world becomes a lovely thing!

There’s beauty as you’ll see;

All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea.



  1. I baked a potato. It's what I really, really wanted. Potatoes have been hard to come by up here, believe it or not.

    This morning, I read a first hand report from a Canadian trucker. My eyes filled with tears at what he described...rolling into town as if on Holy Ground. The cbs went silent, the people were so supportive. Meanwhile little trudeau hides out at home in quarantine. May God give them the victory. May many other truckers get some ideas. This trucker said that the line is 100 kilometers long with truckers joining all the time.

    Neil Young who?

  2. Thatcher quote... Superb!!!! Must *grab*. :-)

    LOVE those Canadian truckers and those who are supporting them!!!!!!!!

    did you see how whimpy Prime Minister said, he was exposed to Covid and is self-isolating for 5 days????? Tooooooo *Woke and Wimpy* to face those truckers. LOLLLLL

  3. Someone probably already pointed this out but your opening NY Times statement needs to be corrected.
    "The New York Times Admits Unvaxxed People Have 'Lower Rates of Infection and Hospitalization' Of Cov*d 19 Than The Unvaxxed. Read"
    The second unvaxxed should read vaxxed?? :)
    Thank you for putting this altogether!

  4. You know, I always like Margaret Thatcher... and Winston Churchill. Such great people. With so many enemies... like the rest of us. But God will prevail... and so will truth. Excellent psot, Deanna! // P. S. I'm sooooooo glad Neil Whatsisface cancelled himself so the rest of us wouldn't have to lift a finger. LOL! I guess I'm one of the few (65 now) who knew who he was (NEVER like him or his music), knew he was still alive, and knows what Spotify is. Haha!

  5. You did a lot of great work in pulling this info together. Thank you. This is all factual. I want to sit down with you and have a cup of tea together, you are my kind of thinker.

  6. thank you for the time taken in putting this post together, friend.
    while the world is in chaos, i can depend on the One who loves me best.
    He is the constant .. the faithful .. the saving Lord.
    we are but pilgrims on this earth. (seems to be a theme for me today)

  7. Ah ... the delightful cup of tea at the end of your post. I feel most days seem to require one or more now-a-days.


  8. Hi Deanna! I never comment, but just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your Friday posts. Your blog is a calm, uplifting voice in all of the drama of our world.


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