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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

This and That

 So far my book reading isn't going very well! I've been reading biology and history with Kyle, doing lots of research on various topics, but not any 'for pleasure' reading. I'll keep at it.

Baby Klaire about four years ago! My house has changed a lot since this photo!

I keep thinking of projects I want to do around the house, but I'm finding no motivation to get anything done. Sigh. Maybe February will be better.

I haven't started my paint by numbers either. I have lots going on around here, not that I am so busy, but I find I need to feel that the day is ahead of me with no obligations. I think I may paint this afternoon. Kyle will be going to his friends house until evening. However, I'll need to have a plan for dinner for the four of us, so there is that. I'll let you know how that goes.

I have been having some therapeutic massage on my hips and muscles that run down the thighs. I have some degeneration in my lower spine, and in needing to sit more, it has caused a tightening of certain muscles. I've done Physical Therapy and it did help some, but the massage is helping more. So now to combine both and get mobility without pain would be awesome.

Did I mention that I planted tulip bulbs in planters this year? Here is one of the planters I put them in.

Monty Don from Gardener's World says that he uses tulips like an annual, so he does his all in planters in the garden. He said that tulips are at their best the first year, then after that they tend to not be as good. So I decided to adopt that strategy, and put them into pots. I have three pots on my deck with tulips planted, and this one may go to the front steps in the spring. I can't wait to see how they bloom!

Tim and I are waiting on a quote for replacement windows and to have a portico built over the front entrance to our home.

It will likely look something like this. Eventually, once the garage is built, the front walk way will have to change and our steps will be straight on rather than the bottom one angled, which is what we have now. Also the railings on each side to help people to get up the steps and into the house.

I love the look of these two below,

so I will do some planting of climbing roses, to get that English Cottage feel.

Our cottage was a builder grade ranch style home when we bought it. It is also going to get a new roof this year.

I'm not sure when the addition will start. My parents are concerned about inflation. I think this is part of my lack of motivation. We have to pray and see what is going to happen. I need some wisdom.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this walk through the things on my mind these days! Always a bit of this and that!


  1. I just bought that little book for my Niece Britani, she is due in July:) I love the look of those entrances. It is hard to get motivated, for me. I have had trouble getting started on some things that need attention. Today, I am tackling sorting some Christmas bags, paper, tags, ribbons etc. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Does Klaire still like books? Such a cute picture.

    Those porticos are darling. I have always wanted one over my front door as the main face of the house is so plain and flat. It would add a little architectural interest
    for sure. The trouble with inflation is that things rarely return to normal.

    Glad that your treatments are working, the massage in particular. Pain is misery.

    Hope you get to paint! Hope you think of something yummy for supper.

  3. ooohhhhhhhh those entrance ideas are beautiful!
    love your floors.. and the picture of klaire
    "reading." hoping she's still reading. hugs.
    praying for your medical challenge (lower back).
    i have 4 degenerated disks in my middle to upper
    back... beyond painful at times. i use a 'tens unit.'
    are you familiar?

  4. Sweet photo from yesteryear. Love the portico ideas. Ugh...sorry about your pain. Glad the massage helps. We are trying a new recipe for dinner tonight. Lots of mess to create it and now we'll see if it was worth it.

  5. May you get to feeling so much better soon.
    The porticos are really neat. This would add a lot of character to a home.
    Sweet picture of your lil one. They grow up so fast.


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