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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Home Keeping: New Roof


Ah, doesn't she look beautiful?

She used to have a brown roof.

Isn't it amazing what a new hat will do for a gal! I really love it!

The crew was fast and efficient. They cleaned up well, too. The only issue we had is that someone must have lost their step when replacing some plywood, an came down on the ceiling over the kitchen sink!

Not too bad. Easy to attach the light box back to the rafter. However the drywall has many cracks.

They attempted to fix it.

Yikes. There is no problem, the guy from the company we were working with was already talking with the company. Tim (who was away from home on an inspection)had texted him with a question and included me in the text, so I attached the ceiling photo and the "all fixed" photo, too. Scott said, "I hope not!" 

I'm not concerned about this at all. Nate has great drywall skills and could repair this for us easily. 

I'm thinking that since the light fixture will need to be down to repair the drywall properly, I may take the time to paint the metal of the fixture and the other two that match it. Maybe black, or maybe an 'old gold' look. Nothing bright and shiny. We'll see.

I'm thankful to have the first project done! Next I believe will be windows. A good friend of our friend Denny, works for a hardware store installing windows, and does side jobs. We are going to get together with him, soon, and talk about what we want and get some pricing! This thrills me! We've been waiting on some of these projects for years!

We'll probably wait to change our siding until we do the addition, but if that is not going to happen for a while, we may go ahead with residing our house. I just hate to pay to side the end that is going to be where the addition is, so we will probably wait!

I know Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable  has been having a lot of remodeling done at her sweet cottage. Is anyone else doing any projects?

I hope to stay in this house for many years, and that is why we are taking care of foundational things like the roof, windows, and siding. When we pay off the house, all, or almost all of the projects will be complete! If we decided to sell for some reason, the house will be ready to go!


Ruth said...

Joy, Joy, Joy comes to mind upon completion of projects around the house. I love my home as you do and am so happy to finally have something done you've been waiting for so long. It is so nice to seem your dreams becoming reality.

Jan said...

The roof looks great! That color really does dress up the cottage! We have a lot of things we want to do and need to do with our 20 year old farmhouse. We need new floors and I've been wanting to update the kitchen, but we also want to add on to enlarge our dining area off the kitchen. Guess the addition needs to come before the floors!

Debby said...

This reminds me when one year we decided to get things fixed and replaced. New roof, new energy efficient windows for the whole house, new lighting, new carpet for the living room and master, washer and dryer, new soaker bathtub, farm sink, wood countertops, painting and more. I’m glad we took that 1 year to get the major tasks done. I thought it would never end.

I have a black roof as well.

ellen b. said...

Beautiful new roof. Oops about the step through the ceiling. Yikes. Keep that good attitude. :)

Vee said...

Oh, yes! A new roof always looks sharp. Sorry about the light, but it sounds as if it will be sorted out. How great to also be getting or thinking about getting new windows. No projects here. With oil prices what they are, I may have to sell. It may break my heart, but one must pay her bills.

Cheryl said...

Your new roof looks fabulous! Home improvements are real investments too. The big project here is the sunroom, and we are thrilled about that!


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