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Friday, April 8, 2022

Information Friday

 We spent last evening dreaming up a new layout for the addition, and this one is so much better! I made a bad drawing on the computer. Don't laugh.

This is to show where we would place the kitchen now. The old location through our existing kitchen door would now go into the laundry room, and that is where we would enter the house from the garage. There would be an entrance to my parents' living room from there as well. Plus they would enter the kitchen from their living room.

Lots of light from the windows which I love! Better functionality, too!

Now to other topics!

I hit a nerve last week with the information about Hunter Bid*n's laptop. The shill came out from not commenting for weeks, with the liberal talking points seen all over the internet. Basically it was projection of everything the Bid*n's have done onto DJT and family. It's so boring.

This week we have interesting and upsetting information.

If you imput the link shared at the bottom of the above photo, it will take you to the article that shows what each state received per patient. Some of the numbers are shocking. As we have seen and I've shared in other posts, we know hospitals received money also for each patient on Remdesivir, and on ventilators.

Have you heard of the five babies whose remains were found in DC? All looked like they were born with a chance to live. Seems that they were left to die. Horrific. This story below is even more horrific.

We'll see what comes of this story. The msm blocks things that go against their narrative. Did you see that Colorado passed a law that allows abortion up to the time of birth? Sickening.

Psalm 106:37-38 says, 

They sacrificed their sons
    and their daughters to false gods.
They shed innocent blood,
    the blood of their sons and daughters,
whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,
    and the land was desecrated by their blood.

Friends, we are here as a nation.

This is from BioClandestine on Telegram.

The link to this page is {here}. Also you can click any photo to enlarge it. That way you can read it here on the blog.

Hungary had elections this week. Viktor Orban won a fourth term as Prime Minister. The globalists wailed, and the EU moved to cut them off from any EU funds. They"ll punish the people because they didn't like that the Hungarian people chose someone the globalists didn't want!

His list of victories is interesting also. When I see that George Soros is against someone, I automatically think they must be going against the globalists plan! If you pay attention, you'll start to recognize that the globalists try to get us to believe a narrative they put out. 

I've been reading for years about the human rights abuses by the UN "Peacekeepers." Even the msm has covered the stories. Hypocrits!

A friend from Scotland shared this in Instagram. This is what they want to teach in our schools. This is why Florida decided No.

Some senators are working hard on behalf of the people they represent! Marsha Blackburn has been great!

I'm sure you've seen that Judge Jackson was confirmed by the senate thanks to three Republican senators. Romney, Collins, and Murkowski. It's interesting that Romney opposed her as a federal judge but now just a few years later, he thinks she deserves to sit on the highest court of the land.

She won't take a seat as a justice until Breyer retires in October, so we'll see what happens. Her record is horrific.

I'll end today with the video that is just shocking. An event about ObamaCare saw President O at the White House this week. He entered in front of Joe, he called Joe the Vice President, and when the event was over, Joe was left to wander around without anyone to talk to, and when he tried to join in with O and Kamala, they blew him off.

I think Joe has serious issues with kids, and women. I think he's pretty awful as a president. But this is really embarrassing and I think a good indicator of who is really running the show. There is a reason Bid*n is in Delaware every weekend. In Delaware there is no official records kept of who visits, like there is at the White House!

Keep praying, start looking for news sources in places other than the msm, and write or call your senators and representatives!

I want to encourage you to push forward and have joy. Don't let them scare you, don't let them made you feel depressed. Let's help each other, share with our neighbors, celebrate life! God is with us, even when it seems scary!

The Best Is Yet To Come!


ellen b. said...

Your addition and changes are going to be great for all. So many disturbing Romans 1 events going on in the world. I'm not afraid, mostly disgusted.

Vee said...

Have to confess that I am doing a slow burn much of the time. How can one not be angry at these vile things, these vile people? Collins is among the worst. How I wish to be rid of her. She has so rarely done the right thing. As for jb wandering around...I might ordinarily pity him...not these days. Thanks for being vigilant, Deanna. I learned new things here this week.

Theresa said...

I pray, for our Country! So many... (as Ellen b. put it), disturbing and disgusting events happening in this world. Have a blessed day and let's stay prayed up!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Your addition is going to be great. Glad you are sharing the process. I'm heartsick over what's being done to our country by JB and his radical administration. And in such a short time. I read this week that John Kerry divested his stocks in fossil fuel companies to avoid conflict of interest. Millions of dollars that he has made off oil and gas. . .what he deems as the demise of our planet. Such a hypocrite! It's going to be very interesting to see what comes of the Sussman trial. I'm so proud of the many patriots who are beginning to boldly speak out against the globalists. And so happy to see America First candidates are running for office. Just ordinary people stepping up to the plate. Love it! Hugs.

Tim said...

Excellent content today. Thank you!!


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