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Friday, April 1, 2022

Information Friday

 This week is going to be mostly about a certain laptop, and how it ties into several different things happening right now.

The fact that this laptop is mainstream now is frustrating to many, including me, because it has been "out there" since before the election of 2020. The FBI has had it in their possession longer than that, though apparently this week, before congress someone from the Bureau testified that "they don't know where it is." Really? Someone from congress later shared an address online of where it actually is located. Weird.

When the MSM is starting to talk about it, especially on CNN etc, you know they are trying to get ahead of a very bad story.

After the FBI agent said that he didn't know where the laptop was, Rep. Matt Gaetz entered a copy of the contents into the congressional record this week.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson spoke in the senate this week about the corruption that the Bid*n family has been a part of for years.

I've added this story about DeSantis and Disney because pedophilia is being pushed hard right now, they are trying to make it main stream. The bill in Florida was about keeping K-3rd graders from the kind of s*x ed they wanted to push on them. It was nothing to do about 'don't say g*y.' In fact that word is not even in the bill. They lie to you, use phrases that they come up with to make people feel outrage.

Who really is upset that children can't hear about this stuff in school? Groomers, that's who.

Don't lose heart and feel like you are alone. You are not. The majority don't believe the way that the msm is pushing or trying to make you think everyone believes a certain way.

Read more about this {here}.

The Durham investigation is probing the Steele Dossier crime and more. It's all tied together, and the FEC fining Clinton and the DNC this week, is just confirmation. The fines should have been higher. It is acknowledgement that the dossier was fake, they knew it, but pushed it along using others to try to destroy DJT's campaign. When it didn't they doubled down with Mueller etc. 40 Million dollars of our tax money friends, on something they knew was fake. But they had a plan for Hillary to be president, and even use the machines to cheat. But the people's turnout for DJT overrode their cheating. That's why this time they dragged it out for a week, adding in votes to have Bid*n "win." It's all been a lie, friends. Our media has been a propaganda machine for years, pushing the lefts' narrative, not participating in Journalism. Those who've tried to expose this information have been vilified.

People like Lara Logan. John Solomon. Sara Carter.

John Solomon participated in an interview with DJT this week, and the msm has referred to him as "disowned" and "discredited" by newspapers he has written for in the past such as the Hill, The Washington Post, The New York Times. He is an award winning investigative journalist. However, he is not playing their propaganda game so they have to make him seem fringe and not trust worthy. 

They are despicable.

Hard truths are coming out. We learned yesterday that the Hunter Biden investigation with the grand jury in Delaware is deeper than just tax evasion.

The information on his laptop - emails, photos, videos etc, shows how these foreign countries have influence on Bid*n and the money that has been passed openly. Can you imagine the money that has been laundered through our government?

I want to warn you that you do not want to go looking for the contents of this laptop. It's out there. I've seen a few 'mild' photos that have been shared publicly, read some emails that way too. But the majority of the contents I will not be looking at even if made public. They are full of underage girls, drug fueled rants, and more.

That's all for this week. I could write more, but won't for now. I'm willing to answer questions in the comments if you have them.

Have a great weekend.


Vee said...

It slays me that there are perverts who wish to indoctrinate young children calling this law DeSantis has introduced illegal. Frankly, it does not go far enough. Children of all ages need to be protected from this. The laptop from he//...we need some answers there for sure, The people have a right to know. Whenever there is a report on j b's approval ratings, I am shocked that they are as high as is mentioned. I should think they'd be just about bottoming out— close to zero. Thank you for gathering this information.

ellen said...

You do such an amazing job of organizing this information in an easy to understand manner. You are a digital soldier and should be so very proud of yourself! I won't be looking at the laptop, either. I've heard the Anthony Weiner laptop is so satanic, police officers who have seen it now need therapy. It's full of killery and what happened on that famous island owned by that man who didn't kill himself. We all need to pray for protection for the brave men and women who are fighting evil in our own country and in this world. Bless you.

Patti said...

Yeah, nobody except Fox and One America News cared about that laptop in 2020. They conveniently hid that story, even though it came out days before the election. And I, for one, still believe the election was corrupt/stolen. You will never convince me otherwise, even though I am called a terrorist or lunatic to say that. However, stolen or not, our Lord allowed it to happen. We just have to trust Him through it.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

"Truth is stranger than fiction."

Did you see Biden encouraging Trans Gender yesterday?

Link... Below...

And Disney is pushing it tooooo.

I'd not give one penny to Disney.

Speaking of which, how many people are subscribed to the Disney ch. or whatever it is?


Have you looked at what they are making and pushing?

Hope it's ok to add this stuff, to your info. :-)

Linda said...

Thank you for all the time and effort you invest in gathering this information. Would you post the news sources you use?

Theresa said...

This world, shake my head! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...