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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Lilacs In Bloom


Outside my kitchen door is a lovely lilac bush. I have pruned it into a tree shape, and just re-pruned it last year. Most of the flowers are higher up on the bush because of this, but a few are eye level.

I just read that 2022 is the year of the lilac according to the National Gardening Bureau. The common lilac - syringa vulgaris is hardy and they can grow for 100+ years, sometimes out lasting the houses they were planted around!

I have one outside my bedroom window, too. both of my lilacs are about 10-12 ft tall.

A few quotes about lilacs that I found.

"A lilac only blooms after a harsh winter." Lilac Girls

"The smell of moist earth and lilacs hung in the air like wisps of the past and hints of the future." Margaret Millar

"The lilacs are in bloom...forget yourself." Marty Rubin

For me, lilacs are a joy in my garden. They bring beautiful scent, and I've planted them were we see them on a regular basis.

I often will cut some to bring into the house. Since they have a woody stem, I take a small hammer and smash the end of the stem to help it draw up water and last longer.

Nate and Kay had a lovely huge lilac that bloomed gorgeously every year in their community. Someone new bought the property and had some trees cut and they also took out the lilac. We are so sad about it.

I hope you have lilacs where you live. 

                                       Photo of lilacs in the kitchen from last year.


Cheryl said...

There were a couple of purple lilacs here , but we brought some pieces of white lilac at the farmhouse to plant here. I love clipping them and using them on my Easter table (when Easter is later in the season). Sadly, the large lilac on the property behind our house was removed when a new house was built. They are such lovely old-fashioned bushes/blooms!

Jan said...

I love lilacs, but they don't love me back. I'm very allergic to them-more so than many other blooms for some reason. They are beautiful!

ellen b. said...

I love lilac bushes/trees. We just planted a purple one this year transplanted from a friend's property. Hope it takes. We also have a miniature one that I've yet to see blooms on. Maybe this will be the year! Love the color of yours.

Vee said...

Oh are definitely ahead of me. I can just see the beginning swell of the purple buds. The white lilac is even more delayed. I must do some pruning after they bloom. My goal is to get those blossoms closer to nose level. Oh how mean that someone thought the lilac near your son and daughter-in-law's should go. They take more than a minute to grow. I do have forsythia beginning to bloom.

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