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Monday, April 11, 2022


 This weekend started with a hustle! We've had so much rain lately that at an inspection Tim was doing, his Tahoe got stuck! Kyle and I headed to help, and after a long drive we arrived to find that he got himself unstuck right as we got there! On an already busy day, I told him, "At least you could still be stuck!" Lol!

Anyway we all drove back home, and then put the groceries away, and got ready to head out the door to our Co-op Concert!

We arrived just as the program was beginning, and got to see Klaire's class sing. Nothing like some cute preschoolers!

Later Kamryn's class sang. Here is a snippet.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then later Tim went to a work day at our church. Kyle and I did some cleaning and organizing here at home, then I made Chicken Ole for our dinner. Tim later went with Rachel and Wes to get her a new phone (she's on our plan) and she helped Tim pick out some shoes. Win Win.

They came back here, ate some Chicken Ole, and headed back home.

It rained off and on all weekend. 

Yesterday, after church and lunch, Klaire and Kamryn got to go spend the night at Auntie Lindsay's house, and watch duck and chicken eggs hatch!

Tim and I went to Maryland, only about 20 minutes from our house, to buy gas for the mower and the gas cans, and to fill up the Tahoe. The price there is about 50 cents cheaper than our area. Then we drove across the Conowingo Dam, to a park area to look for eagles.

We did see several but they weren't close enough to get a photo of them.

They have a sign there that says "Vultures may cause damage to your vehicle. Park at your own risk." We wondered about what kind of damage they could do that would require a warning sign. We saw dozens hanging out in some trees by the entrance. They are kind of creepy.
The sky was beautiful.

They only had a few of the 'gates' open but the water was coming through pretty forcefully. This is dam produces electricity.

When we got home at twilight, my garden was looking beautiful.

I think I'll have Kyle pressure wash the walkway today.

Sarah will be home on Tuesday for Easter break. Can't wait to see her. She will graduate on Mother's Day weekend.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We are looking forward to celebrating our Risen Savior next Sunday! Thankful for the Resurrection and the new life we can have in Him because of it!


  1. He was already unstuck?! Yes, he could have had the decency to remain stuck until you arrived! Hilarious. Your weekend was busy and full and your week will be as well. Loved seeing the kids sing...such a good experience for them.You must be lining up things to do with Sarah and her friend. I can't believe graduation is coming so soon!

  2. A busy weekend indeed!

    I love hearing the children singing such words of truth! May those words take root in their hearts!

    Hmmm . . . wonder what's up with those vultures?

    Oh, I love this time of year and the celebration of our Risen Lord who redeemed us! Hallelujah!

  3. Goodness gracious....that was a busy weekend! I just love, love, love your garden Deanna....wish I could visit! Warm hugs!


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