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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

What I'm Reading, Listening, and Watching These Days

 I do most of my reading online or on my iPad these days. My cataract has made it harder to read a physical book in the evenings. I am getting my cataract taken care of next month. Finally.

I've followed Phylicia Masenheimer online for a few years now. I appreciate her ministry to women and encouraging them to be, not just in the word, but students of the word. Recently I saw her post about her book, "All Nations, Tribes, People, & Tongues" with the subtitle "The Hope of Christ in Revelation."

The book of Revelation is a challenging one, with many opinions about it's meanings. Most Christians tend to stay away from it. It's been years since I've studied through the book of Revelation, so I decided to buy her book. You can find it {here}.

While on her shop website I found this poetry book, and bought it for Sarah. 

I've read through it a bit and really like it. I may have to ask for a copy myself! 

Here is a poem called Morning Prayer II

Make this a morning counted well, numbered right,

 grant me the wisdom to honor the Son's dawning

 and grant me the patience to find

 healing in His wings.

May I learn, in the journey from east to west

and the fifteen waking hours between

just how great the love 

and how full the mercy

and how far my sin is cast away.

I'm also reading a book on the Kindle app called "Gay Girl, Good God," by Jackie Hill Perry. I'm not very far into this book, just the introduction and three chapters, but I already know there are truths for me to understand in this book. 

For pleasure, while I drive or while I work around the house, I've been listening to Laura Childs Tea Shop Mysteries. I've read almost all of these books, but I enjoy listening to them as well.

I also have been listening to a podcast called 'Homemaker Chic.' Angela Reed and Shaye Elliot both have blogs and youtube channels and other entrepreneurial things happening in their lives. They are committed to caring for their homes well, and I enjoy listening to them. Angela can be found at her blog Parisienne Farmgirl, and Shaye at The Elliot Homestead. They are both also on Instagram.

I'm watching Call the Midwife on, and Sanditon on

I also watched, Highly Filtered mind you, the second season of Bridgerton.  I've only ever watch this show filtered on the VidAngel app. I'm glad that's an option because this second season was my favorite.

I'd love to hear what you're reading these days, and what you might be watching or listening to, as well!

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  1. There's a filtered version of Bridgerton? What does that mean? I can't watch that show, but perhaps a filtered version. 🤣

    Life is challenging when the eyesight isn't up to snuff. You will be much happier when your vision is clearer. I'm hoping some prescription glasses will help me.


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