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Friday, October 28, 2022

Information Friday

 Tim took this photo this morning of our front trees.

I took this one yesterday around 11:30 am.

It's been such a lovely Autumn.

There is a lot of interesting stuff happening, so hold on to your hats!

Pray for them. True the Vote was found in contempt of court yesterday and have until Monday to name a confidential source and their researchers or go to jail. They are in a suit that Konnech (Chinese company) has brought against them. Konnech CEO arrested because he had American's private information on servers in China, and a few more charges. That's the information True the Vote gave to the Los Angeles District Attorney who brought charges against Eugene Yu. Not sure how Konnech's civil suit is even going forward. Pray!

The US Media is finally reporting on this story that I've been sharing here for months.

This is big news! This week the Governor of NY running for re-election said that she'd do it all again. The Governor and those who fired people over the jab need to lose their jobs and pay fines or jail time.

Notice what the judge said in his ruling.

This is important.

This is huge! Pray for protection.

How many of you remember Hillary complaining for four years that DJT had stolen the election and was illegitimate? Then when a steal really did happen, they said the elections were so secure. This week she's been back saying that Republicans are going to steal the elections, at least the 2024 presidential election! How could this happen if they are so secure?

Whenever the left is speaking about conservatives, know they are projecting their crimes and wrong doing. Always.

Yesterday Bid*n said that gas was over $5 a gallon when he took office. That was a lie, again. Plus this current gas price on this graphic is not accurate for our area, so I am sure that it is higher in CA, HI, AK.

The Telegraph is a British newspaper and the NHS is their National Health Service. I find this headline true, but I am so surprised as it is not the going narrative.

Tim and I are working on getting rid of PayPal. Our business has an account and we have a personal one. It's frustrating but we are not going to support a company that thinks they have the right to censor us and take our money out of our accounts if they don't like what we say!

Elon Musk is now the official owner of Twitter. This is what he did the first day.

It's a start!

Pray friends. It's so important. Please vote in person. I know it can be hard but please go out and vote. My dad says, "I'm a 60% disabled veteran and I'm going to vote in person!" Our friend Denny, who drives a truck is taking the day off from work to vote in person. This means he misses actually two days of work because they go to a location to drop and load and the next day come back with another load. If he takes the Tuesday off, he will also be off Wednesday. He feels it is so important to vote in person.

However if you've already voted or must do mail in, that's okay. It's important to vote! Let's be part of a red tsunami and show the communist left that we do not want that system of life in our nation! 

Let's take America back to it's roots of liberty. For ALL.

Have a great weekend!

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