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Monday, October 31, 2022



We've had a quiet weekend here, if you don't count dealing with mice. We've had a long autumn here with beautiful weather, but the nights are getting cold now and they are starting to find ways into the house. I found droppings on my kitchen counter the other morning (the first time ever, even though we get mice every year), and Tim said, "It's time to set the traps." The first evening we got three in the same trap in the kitchen. We are going to use a mixture of red pepper, clove and cinnamon to repel them in the places they get in. 

If you have Instagram you can find a video about it {here}.

I really didn't do much this weekend. I puttered, I made spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for dinner on Saturday, I read. 

The Paul Pelosi storyline is fascinating to watch play out.

After church yesterday, Tim, Kyle, Kamryn, and Wes went to work on firewood at our friends' property. We are in need of firewood for this year and have never had to buy any yet. Our friends have a lot of Ash trees that have come down due to Ash blight. The guys (and Kamryn) all worked together yesterday afternoon, and will split the wood. It's a win-win situation.

Here Kamryn is getting ready to stack wood in the trailer, and that is Kyle's best friend Daniel and his dad Mike, who is Tim's best friend. It is their property where the wood is located.

You can tell the weather has been great during the days. No jackets and the guys have short sleeves.

Now today is the last day of October. With November, comes thoughts of Thanksgiving. Our church has a meal together, and a communion service the week before Thanksgiving. I'll be decorating the tables for that, but we won't be attending, because Tim's sister and brother in law will be arriving that day and staying overnight on their way to New York to hunt on the farm where our brother in law grew up.

We have three weeks left of co-op and that means four weeks until Thanksgiving. I'll be doing two tables this year, putting one in the living room. The family is getting big enough we need the elbow room. Sarah is also bringing a friend from school with her for Thanksgiving, so we should have 15 people for the meal.

I always cook the turkeys, make the gravy and the stuffing/dressing. You can find my slow roasting method in the post {here}.

A friend who has used this method for years, to great success, has family that don't trust that this turkey is cooked properly, so they are taking over the turkey cooking this year. Which is sad to me, because this turkey is properly cooked and heated, and was the recipe of a professional chef who cooked for celebrities and movie studios in the 1940's. 

This turkey turns out "perfect every time," and is the most moist and delicious turkey you'll ever eat.

Well, I must run. Tim and I are meeting a friend for breakfast, then the girls will be here for school, and the builder and architect will be here to check the grade on the property for doing the plans for the addition! 

Hope your weekend was a good one!


Linnae said...

Please tell me why you think the Paul Pelosi story is "fascinating"? Disgusting and horrifying is what it is, so please enlighten us.

Vee said...

I think I know why you describe the Pelosi story that way. You try to be as gentle with vile news as possible.

Howdy! It's been awhile.

What a ridiculous bunch to ditch a perfectly delicious method of roasting a turkey. Hope their
turkey isn't too dry.

I can't believe how grown up Kamryn is and what a great helper!

Sounds as if you will be having lots of fun with decor this month. If you have some fun tips, I know someone
who'd be interested. 😊

Brenda Leyland @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Sounds like it was a truly lovely weekend. I love your pumpkin picture at the top of your post. It must feel really good to have your woodpile filled to the brim for the cold weather ahead. A job well done. Splendid that it was so nice while they were chopping and piling. Makes the job much more pleasant. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, Deanna.

Linda said...

I haven't cooked a turkey in years! I will go back and read how you do it. Deanie is hosting Thanksgiving this year and now that Nita is gone so many things will change. Louis Dean and I may very well be on our own next year and that's okay too. Nothing ever stays the same even when you want it to.

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