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Friday, January 13, 2012

Bookcases and Books...

 A few weeks ago Brenda @ Coffee, Tea, Books and Me showed us some of her bookshelves.  Being an avid reader, I love to see what other readers have on their shelves. I thought that you might like to see some of the books that I have on my shelves.  These shelves are from the bookcase in the hallway, and house books I like to keep close at hand...

 Health For Godly Generations by Renee DeGroot is an thoughtful book about making wise food choices.  So is the book Real Food,by Jessie Hawkins.  Biblical Womanhood in the Home by Nancy Leigh DeMoss is excellent as well.  What Makes A Man Feel Loved by Bob Barnes (husband of Emilie) is one I always recommend to young women who are getting married or even women who have been married for a while. 

 These are books that have challenged me and encouraged me.  I don't necessarily endorse every thing in every book.  There.  That is my disclaimer.

 This shelf houses current homeschool materials...

 This is our huge bookcase downstairs.  I have been organizing many of our books on these shelves.

 I have all my Jane Austen upstairs but on these shelves I have my Jane Austen sequels...I really like the Diaries of Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, Capt. Amanda Grange.  They give you the story from the man's point of view!  Also my Mitford books!  Finally a place to keep them where I can just grab one! 

 Some Beverly Lewis and my Lori Wick books.  I am finding them bit by bit at used bookstores, thrift stores, etc.

 These are my Nancy Drew books.  When I was around 10 my mom signed up for a summer book club for me. These books came every two weeks maybe and have two stories in them.  I would finish them in just a few days.  My poor mom - I was always clamoring for something to read! Now I am reading them aloud to the younger set.

 My Dee Henderson those O'Malley's!

 Thomas Kinkade, Emilie Barnes, who was a mentor to me through her books, Karla Dornacher - I love her art and the sweet words that accompany her art in her books.

 Gilbert Morris - I have most of the House of Winslow...but stopped trying to keep up.  I have all the Cheney Duval books he wrote.  Then he started writing them with his daughter, and after three books they stopped.  I wished they had continued, I felt as if it was unfinished.

 Precious books - Little House and Anne of Green Gables.

 Lamplighter books...

 Cherry Ames, a few Nancy Drew, Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on their Toes...

Grace Livingston Hill, G.A.Henty, Hinds Feet in High Places.

Well, that is all for now...many, many of the characters in these books are dear old friends.  It is fun to read them over again and remember why you liked them in the first place.

Another day I will show you my main school bookcase....


  1. I love seeing other people's books! I have quite a few of the Darcy sequel books too. I like most of them. The only Austen sequels I haven't been able to embrace are the zombie crazy ones!


  2. Lots and lots of wonderful books! It is always fun to see what other folks have for books. Almost like peeking in a window...*gAsP* and I'd never peek in a window to see a person. I just want to see the house. Ha!

  3. Your bookcases are very handsome, and I love to peek and see what folks are reading. Our book choices are sort of autobiographical. I see we like some of the same authors, including Austen and Karon.

  4. What fun! Love your bookcases and seein what has blessed you over the years. We have a lot of those in common :-). tammy

  5. I LOVE this post, I have read most of everything you shared, we have very similar book tastes, and happily, found a few new to me titles :)

    I'm just starting to visit you, and am enjoying it very much. Found you through Vee, of course :)

  6. I love seeing your books!

    What I realized from looking at your shelves is how many of those books I had and then gave to my daughter after she got married and started homeschooling!

    I visit my books at times in her living room when we visit New England (especially perusing Karen Andreola's books). :)

  7. You have a lot of books that I love, too.

    I'm trying not to be envious of the huge booksehelf in your downstairs!It seems like there can never be enough bookshelves, especially with schoolbooks.

  8. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for giving us a peek at your bookshelves, Deanna! I see many that I have on my own shelves...but plenty of new reads too! I need to bookmark (no pun intended?) this post and come back for ideas. :D
    (Looks like your Charlotte Mason Companion has some wear, as mine has.)

  9. It's amazing what home schooling does for your book collection. Interesting topic to share.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  10. So many wonderful books! That bookshelf downstairs must be such a treat! To be be able to have all our books out and in easy reach! Nice!

  11. Beautiful collection! I am trying to put together a post on our homeschool blog about the Lamplighter books.


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