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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glow Pots

 The girls have been busy making what we call "glow pots."

 Beeswax from the natural foods store, a water balloon dipped into the melted wax...

Delightful on a winter morning...


  1. I saw something like this on The West Ladies DVD and thought they were gorgeous.

    I have some old beeswax but it still looks like it is good.

    Finally getting some time to comment and write e-mails!

  2. And then you set a tea light inside them? I've been fascinated since seeing these on Rosie's blog.

  3. It looks like a grapefruit half...very cute!

    This is a neat project that you have shared.

    Thank you for popping in at one of my blogs.....i just now am seeing that you visited. Hope you'll come by my main blog called Home Haven Ministry. Deanna, it is really Nice to meet you.

    A new follower to your blog here.
    God bless,
    (from one deanna to another!)

  5. Oh, they are quite cozy for a winter's morning! Candles are so warm and welcoming!

    (Do you ever make beeswax tapers? They are so hard to come by these days.)

  6. Somehow I missed this post. How beautiful! So you can get beeswax from the natural foods store? I'll have to check into this...

    Blessings, Debbie


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