The Arrow Verses The Air Conditioning Unit....

Guess which one won....sigh.

It has been hot here, and humid, too.

Sometime during the afternoon on Monday, Lindsay was doing target practice with her bow and arrows.  She shot from a different angle than she normally has been shooting and the arrow glanced off the target and somehow managed to get precisely between the vent slats on the A/C unit and puncture something or other.  She could have purposely shot at this thing for weeks and never done it had she been trying to do it on purpose - there is no mark on the unit at all.

Did I mention that it has been hot here too?

While we were eating dinner on the deck yesterday, a storm moved in.  We were enjoying the much cooler air, but it kept getting darker and darker.  The clouds were billowing downward and then we saw rotation starting.  Dinner was over!  We hustled every one and the dogs to head downstairs....of course we had some photographers who were busy....

Emily shared some photos with me from her iPod....

That portion of the storm passed us very quickly and then we had rain...heavy rain.  The storm did cut the heat - it was cool outside last night, but hard to get that coolness into the hot house!  I am thankful though that we did not lose power and were able to use our fans to make it bearable to sleep.

One thing it has done is cause me to pray more for our missionary friends who are serving in Africa....

We have someone coming to look at the A/C late this afternoon.  I hope it can be fixed easily and for very little money.  The unit is 10 years old - we had it put in when we moved to this house.  It would be great to just upgrade the whole unit but we can't really afford that right now, so we are praying for an inexpensive solution.

Today I am headed into the store, the air conditioning works really well, thankfully.  I have some computer work to do and book keeping which is just as well, as Wednesday's tend to be quieter in the store.

Oh, and if I can ask for a favor?  Will you pray with us about our web guy?  The website he built has issues, and he is not very quick about dealing with them.  This is leading to frustration on our part, as we would really like to promote the website but don't want to when we can't even arrange the handbags properly is open for business, but we aren't seeing much action yet.  We want to maintain a good testimony and to deal with the situation in a professional manner.

On a happier note, preparations are underway for a certain girls' 
birthday on Thursday.  She will be 13!  

Lots going on, as always thankful for the Lord's loving hand in it all - both the good and bad.  Thankful for an afternoon of fellowship with my dear friend Jen yesterday, and an hour or so visit with the Hospitality Lane folk last night.

We are so blessed.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your AC and I sure hope it isn't expensive to fix.

    And those clouds, WOW! I'm glad they didn't turn into a tornado.

  2. Great cloud shots. I was too busy watching them to take a photo. They were boiling here but I didn't notice rotation like you saw over there.

    I'm glad you were able to stop in last evening.

    Still just have to shake my head about the arrow and the A/C.

  3. So sorry about the AC what a fluke happening!! Hopefully it will be an easy fix. Our AC was almost 18 years old before we had to totally replace it.

    Must be so frustrating not being able to be officially open for business because of site issues.

  4. We have ominous clouds here today....glad to hear all you ended up with was some rain.

    Prayers for patience coming you way.

    Take Care.

  5. Oh dear. I just know that I'd be more cranky and irritable if I needed AC and it was not available. Wow that storm was something else! Praying that all works out well...the Lord has a plan for the shop and the web site so that's a no-brainer and I'm sure that He doesn't want you to swelter all summer. Yup. I'm convinced that every little thing is going to work out fine. Until it does, I'm thinking work is going to be most welcome and visiting a lot will be great.

  6. Your AC is one of those flukes which cause us to roll our eyes and wonder, "Really, God???". :)

    Stephanie and her family left here very early on Tuesday and hit bad storms in Ohio.

    There were storms off and on all through Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, New York and then in New England where there were tornado watches waiting!

    Thankfully, they arrived home safely.

    Hoping to get all caught up on blog reading soon. Still recovering, haven't touched my pile of laundry!

  7. Oh my...those storm cloud pictures are amazing! They look so ominous. I am happy that you had a "normal" storm as a result, and not the fury that they threatened.

    I am still amazed at that freak arrow accident. Praying that your AC is repaired soon and inexpensively. (I am so grumpy when I am hot...I admire your good attitude about it.)

  8. Woah, those clouds look scary! Cool pictures though. =)

    I bet the AC guy has never had to fix an AC after an arrow before!
    No arrows were involved here but our AC isn't working the best either. I hope it's a quick fix for both of us.


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