Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lessons, Musical and Otherwise

 Rachel had been talking about learning the cello for a few years.  She had taken piano lessons, along with Emily, but we stopped for a break  over the summer one year and never started again.  They were not really interested at that time in starting back up.  However, she kept mentioning the cello.  

I hesitated because we tend, thanks to me, to be dabblers, not masters of anything.  I didn't want to invest in a cello just to dabble.  They're kind of expensive.

But we have friends whose son plays cello, and another friend who plays, and she takes lessons from another friends' daughter....And one of our friends who plays just upgraded their cello and had one to sell for a very good price.

So it all came together and Rachel has now had two lessons and loves it.  I haven't had to remind her to practice at all.  Being a beginner she is not using the bow yet, but mastering her fingering and playing the Twinkle Variations.  I think she is doing very well, and her instructor thinks so too.

So on the night these photos were taken, Rachel was showing Grandma what she could play and then Lindsay came out from her room with a cd and wanted to play along with it on her violin.  It was a celtic song, and she did well.  I wish she would take lessons again.  She is good on the recorder(she has soprano, tenor and alto versions of the "English Flute"), can play the mandolin, the violin and now 'dabbles' with Rachel's cello.  She has a gift to hear the songs and then recreate them.  I keep encouraging her to master her instruments...sigh.

Now Sarah is eager for Lindsay to help her with her violin again, I must get a new string for this to happen, and she also wants to take art lessons.  I just need to get on the ball, make a call or two and get her a few lessons.  I tend to talk a lot about things before they actually happen.  Procrastination....

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I'll bet your Mother enjoyed that concert.....Soon you'll have your own orchestra.

  2. Oh how wonderful!

    (My niece was this way. Gave up her piano lessons early on and then regretted not knowing what she wished to know. She taught herself the guitar and then decided a few years ago to take up piano lessons as an adult. She loves them and is still taking them and I love to hear her play.)

    One thing is certain, you could have an entire orchestra! All the best to the learners at Creekside Cottage!

  3. I find it hard to commit to too many outside activities, but music lessons have been something that we agreed were worth the inconvenience of being out of the home on regular days/times. I am sure that your children are making beautiful music, for where there is a genuine interest, there is usually some talent...and talent and a bit of work add up to wonderful things!

  4. All three instruments you mentioned make such beautiful music! I agree--Investment in music generally pays good dividends, especially when there is desire on the part of a child.

  5. That great that it worked out! We're "dabblers" too :) I've been wanting to learn to play the violin - my daughter wants to learn the guitar. So we've been looking for inexpensive instruments.


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