Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Products

 When you have a business you have to work the business all the time.  Isn't that profound?  I am learning that I still haven't fully transitioned in my own mind to 'business owner.'  We had a fun and encouraging breakfast with a guy Tim works with named Kendall and his wife Chris, who own a wonderful pet shop called "Little Paws Dog Shop."  

It was great to share ideas and thoughts about owning a business and customer service with people who also own a store.  

When we came home, Lindsay got busy setting up to shoot some new handbags and rings that we have available.  She will be putting them on the website this morning in the store.  Since it is pouring here, I have the feeling it will be a quiet day in the store.
 This is what the product looks like when in the light box.  This is a coral colored purse called Julia on www.fabfashionpa.com

 Sometimes when shooting the product you have to hold down the edges of the paper insert or have a small but heavy item behind the product so it stays in the position you want it to - some handbags are made to be 'slouchy' but they don't photograph well that way.

 Lindsay found that a few of our candles from Good Neighbors Candle Company.  Not only are these the best soy candles ever, they are good behind the scenes props as well! 

 The stack of handbags waiting to be photographed...our handbags are well made, and well priced.  The one on top?  $39.00, the large teal one on the bottom?  $45.00.

 These are wonderfully soft across the body bags that are the perfect size!  I used one this weekend at my state home school convention.  I wanted to be able to have my hands free and it was perfect with the little pockets on the front and lots of room for my wallet, calendar/organizer, keys, cell phone, lip balm, ipod, pens on the inside!  This handbag is $29.00.

These are one of the best handbags we sell.  Faux leather - though you would never know it - inside there are three compartments the middle being a zippered section.  Also a small inside zipper pocket, and two open pockets on the other side - one for a cell phone.  The back of this handbag has a zipper pocket as well.  We sell alot of these - they come in fabulous colors and we just got two new ones - the coral and a new deep turquoise color.  These come in two sizes the larger one shown at the top of the post, which sells for $45.00 and this smaller version which is $42.00.

Great Jewelry * Great Handbags * Great Prices!

It will all be up on the website today...check it out!

So now I am off to check for orders, and look at stats.  The perfect job on a rainy, rainy day!


  1. Love the new colors. They really pop! I'm still in window shopping mode...I'll get it together one of these days, I promise!

  2. The bags/purses are good looking....

    I can imagine it is a big jump into the "business" mindset. So different from a "hobby".

  3. Boy, those candles just show up in the wackiest places. lol

    Lindsay does an excellent job with the photography. Keep her!!

    You are so right about having to think about and work on a business all of the time. If you enjoy it this is not a problem...

  4. Wow! They are really beautiful!


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