Prettifying My Deck

 Saturday I dropped the girls off at Sight and Sound and Fab Fashion and then stopped to buy strawberries.  I left the greenhouse a half and hour later loaded with flowers for the deck.

 I took the opportunity to plant some of my herbs, and to plant sunflowers and hollyhocks in my garden.  We'll see how they grow!

 Every year I have to have at least one Margarite Sweet Potato vine growing!

 This year I chose double impatiens for the baskets.  It is a mostly shady space with my gazebo covering the deck now, but they get enough sunlight.  

 Aren't they beautiful?  Like little roses.

 I also planted a few of the traditional impatiens...

and these Superbells in Tequila Sunrise...

I was so happy to spend part of my day beautifying, or prettifying as we sometimes say, this space that we love to use.  Our deck now that it has a covering has become and extension of our living space.  We eat dinner out there, or go out after dinner and spend time together.  Now I just have to make sure they get enough water all summer!

I have been doing some buying for the store the last few days but I managed yesterday to make two pillow covers for throw pillows in the living room, and a wee valance for the kitchen window.  I'll show you those tomorrow!


  1. I put hollyhocks in a few years back, and now I curse those blasted things each summer, all season long. They spread like wildfire, to every imaginable spot in the yard. I can't seem to get rid of them. It's been years since I've planted them, and yet they are everywhere!

  2. You have been a busy girl...but what's new? :D

    Your deck will be beautiful this summer, I'm sure. I love impatiens on my front porch (north side)...they are such forgiving little flowers. If I catch them drooping and give them a drink, look happy in no time.

    Looking forward to seeing your pillows and valance tomorrow. I need to make valances for my kitchen windows (when we took the valances down to paint, they were nearly white in places!), but I have to decide what fabric to use, which probably means ordering.

  3. Flowers on the deck are such a welcome addition. You have picked such pretty colors to display! Double impatiens are so beautiful and what a beautiful color!

    Hope you week is going well!

  4. I love the flowers! They are so pretty! There is nothing like "pretty-ing" up the house! :) Everything looks beautiful!

  5. <--- Jealous! I have a black thumb! I've always wanted to have plants around me and I just end up killing everything. I think your porch looks like a lovely place to spend the day.


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