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Friday, May 25, 2012

Tending To My Home

I love to tend my home.  I love to rearrange furniture *a lot*.  I love to change the pictures on our walls, and move them from room to room.  I guess you could say, I like to make our home feel fresh and new without much expense.

One day when I was at the fabric outlet, I spied a beautiful fabric that had a vintage feel to it.  I pulled it out, looked at it, put it back.  Came back to it and bought two yards!

It has a light green background with cream colored dots and a beautiful floral pattern on it.  It is perfect for Summer.  I used it to make a small valance for my kitchen window - I love to be able to see out the window and to let the sunshine in!

 I also made two simple pillow covers...

So fresh and pretty!  These are the pillow forms that I covered with my Waverly ticking stripe - you can find that post here.

I have a bit of fabric left, but am not sure what to do with it...any ideas?

Doing these kinds of small things delight me and help me focus on homemaking in the midst of running a business.

The valance and pillows make me happy...what things around your house make you happy?


  1. My knew shower and tub make me happy!

  2. My corner cupboard. I sometimes just look at it and marvel that it was entrusted to me.

    Love that fabric!! Those are great projects with it.

  3. How much of a bit? A table runner or a mug rug or a pot holder?

  4. Love, love, love that fabric! Makes a very nice valance and pillows.

  5. Isn't it funny how something so simple like a couple of cushions and a new valance came make you fall in love with your house again? I'm the same - something small, a clean bathroom, a new flower on the table.

  6. That is such sweet fabric...perfect for your Creekside Cottage! I agree that it's the little touches that make the difference sometimes...a fresh look and a home that says welcome.

    However (to answer your question), what is making me happy around my house right now is not "little" things. It is the kitchen remodel that we're doing (95% complete!). Although finding valances yesterday at a bargain price was a happy thing too. :D

  7. Very pretty! I love freshening my home too, even though it doesn't happen as much as I'd like sometimes! I like having things I love in my home!

  8. Oh I just LOVE the fabric! Like you said, it's very fresh and also crisp and cosy.

    And what you did with it is awesome. :o)

  9. That is really pretty fabric. It looks great on the pillows and over the window.

  10. That is really pretty fabric. It looks great on the pillows and over the window.


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