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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hey Jude

Have you ever read it?  

Yeah, not The Beatles song, but the little tiny letter in the Bible?   The one right before The Revelation?  

I know I have several times while reading through the Bible in a year.  Could I have told you what it was about?  No.

I recently heard Chuck Swindoll speaking on Jude and it caught my attention, and so I have been reading there for a week or so.  Not that it is that long - it can be read in its entirety in about 2 minutes.  I have wanted to take it in, to think about it, to apply it to my life.

Jude is warning the believers about false teachers.  He is reminding them to remember the truth of their faith and to contend for that faith.  He wants them to not be lead astray be the false teachers.

It has lead me to pray - for myself, for my children - that we would know the truth and not be lead astray in our day of false teachers "tickling" our ears....

As Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun."  We do not need to loss heart - our God is able and He is still capable of leading us through this life here.

"Now to Him who is able
 to keep you from stumbling, 
and to present you faultless
before the presence of His glory
with exceeding joy,
To God our Saviour,
Who alone is wise,
Be glory an Majesty,
Dominion and power, 
both now and forever.
Jude 24-25


  1. There are certainly many odd things going on in the church today. We have an entire group who believes that they must practice being Jews to the point of wearing traditional Jewish garb and celebrating Jewish feasts. Ai yi yi...

  2. Just like some of the best sermons I have heard...short and packed with truth!

  3. Our Bible study is working its way toward Jude. (We began in February with I Peter, and we are currently in II John. Slow but steady progress...) Lots of beautiful, practical truths are packed into the small book of Jude. The Word of God is so rich!

  4. Like Vee, I've been noticing many Christians thinking they need to follow Jewish customs and it makes me very sad....

    I like to do the same thing as you, I'll take a passage of Scripture, or a short book of the Bible and read the same thing for a week just to *really* allow it to soak in. :o)

  5. My husband did an in depth study with his men's class on Jude not long ago. I have been considering it for my women's class. When he taught the family, it was very powerful and SO PERTINENT.

  6. So well said :)
    Btw, I can't get to jAne's blogs anymore. If you still can, let her know that I'd love to be back in touch with her. Thanks :)

  7. Hello, Mrs. Rabe, I am so glad you have been getting sleep. Your post is so restful, I actually think I will take a short nap in a moment :)Your hospitality sounds like what we do...and yes, there is a hint of autumn in the air! Hurray! It is my favorite time of the year. Do get totally well soon!!
    Many blessings and much peace,


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