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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On The Mend

 photo credit - Emily Rabe

I've been marveling at how wiped out I was while sick.  I slept a lot and that is unusual for me.  But Sunday and Monday I could tell I was better....

Yesterday, I did some schoolwork with the kids, and almost put myself to sleep while reading aloud to the kids!  I thought that maybe I had overdone it Sunday and that I was going to need to nap.  But I didn't I laid on the couch for about 10 minutes and then started to vacuum - a move the furniture level vacuuming.

That done I had plans to clean the floors.  This doesn't get done nearly enough.  These are hardworking floors and they take a beating.  The best way to clean them is the old fashioned 'Cinderella' method - on the hands and knees.

Fortunately I've got good help around here and it was done in no time!  I was amazed because I moved the pantry cupboard and cleaned behind it and the side of the stove and microwave that don't see daylight but managed to get greasy!  Ick!  I also cleaned the air vent that is in the floor. 

I told the girls, I would take the kitchen, because I knew I wanted to do some of these 'tougher' areas.  They were done way before me!  But it's all done, and looking good as you can see in Emma's photo above!

I love clean floors!

Then we went outside and chatted away in the cooler weather.  Lindsay gave lessons today, and one of the families has 9 children, but I think only 4 take lessons.  Kyle and Sarah like to play with all the kids - today the boys set up soda cans, and used Kyle's rubber band shooter to knock them down!

Once lessons were over, I decided to mow.  It's a big job, but I enjoy doing it.  

I do plan to take it a bit easier today, but you can never tell what  day will bring!

What are you planning?


  1. Oh my, girl, you are not resting now!! It does feel so good to get big things accomplished though. Maybe catching up on your rest gave you that boost you needed to do all this work...I hope so!

    Your floors are beautiful!

    What am I planning? Believe it or not, I am planning a "vacation day"! I told the girls weeks ago that I wanted a "vacation day" this cooking, no cleaning, no chores. I will probably do some school planning (which I don't see as a chore at all!). And maybe a nap. And maybe stay in my jammies all day. We'll see...

  2. You have definitely been busy and I'm so glad you are doing better.

    I plan on soaking up all the spare minutes with the baby (he is smiling and trying to crawl now, it is so sweet), and there is laundry to do, floors to clean, and hopefully a little writing. I spend a great deal of my day praying, asking God for guidance and His provision with work.

    My husband applied for many jobs, and we are waiting to hear back from them now. We are trusting in God and His plan.

    Prayers for continued recovery.

  3. Wow! For someone who's been sick you sure got a lot done. :)
    I can't get half of that done when I am healthy. So glad you're feeling better.

  4. What wonderful floors! Cinderella? Who is she? Is she some sort of expert on floor care? =D

    Sounds as if you will need a nap for sure tomorrow.

    What am I planning...I need to do some vacuuming as well and I might try the moving of furniture to do it.


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