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Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Five

 I really enjoyed your thoughts on my post yesterday!  I appreciate this community of women.  

Here is my FIVE for this week!

1. Kyle's hair cut.  He hates getting his hair cut so I let him grow it out over the summer!  It was crazy, though sometimes it looked pretty good!  He's so funny!

2. My name is Deanna and I have a dish addiction!  I love these plates!  I swoon over them everytime I see them.  Christmas Tree Shops sells them for $4.99 per dinner plate!  I haven't bought any, but I may start hinting for my birthday in October! (grin)

3. Flaming Fury - 
That's the name of these beauties that came home with me today!

4. Kamryn has started her school year, too.  She was working on her letter blends the other day while she was here.

5. The September issue of Victoria Magazine came!
Its the annual British issue, and its always an excellent issue!

Doesn't the cover make you want to travel to England?

That's my Five for this week!  I hope you have an excellent weekend!


  1. I used to get Victoria and always enjoyed the British issue. I'll have to send the final pic to my sister as that's her teapot on the cover! I'm about to make some pies with my peaches. They are beautiful and huge. Yes it seems the boys are liking longer hair--and we've been there before a time or two (at least I have, such as the 60s!)

  2. Victoria is one of my favorites. And that first picture is priceless!! I love it.


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