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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Popping In To Say Hi!

This is the space where 265 people are going to be celebrating the wedding of my bridal couple this Sunday.  I can't wait for you to see how it will be transformed by tables, and flowers, and candles and lots of people who love this young couple!  Love and Joy transform us and can transform a long lobby space into a thing of beauty!

I'm so excited for them, and for the challenge of prepping two locations between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm.  (the wedding and the reception are at two different churches and we cannot get into the spaces until noon!)  I have a great team of volunteers ready to help set up tables and chairs, and set tables.  I've already put 72 candles in 72 jars.  

Today I pick up the flowers, and get them opening up, and prepped for arranging by Saturday night.

36 floral centerpieces, 7 bouquets, 12 boutonnieres, 6 wrist corsages, two flower girl baskets, and 12 pew clips!

There will be a unity candle with some florals, and the cake table will have some florals as well!

I can't wait to show you!  If your on Instagram follow the hashtag #simplyelegantfloralsandevents and you will be able to see photos of this weekend!

I'll be back on Monday with photos!


  1. That's going to keep you very busy!

  2. praying you through this event!!!!!
    it'll be gorgeous! and the beloved couple
    will be oh so blessed.

  3. Oh how exciting! I can’t wait to see💐. Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

  4. Look forward to seeing the transformation!

  5. Oh I do love Before and Afters! A happy weekend to you...


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