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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dreaming Of Autumn

These magazines called to me at the store several weeks ago, but I'm just beginning to look and dream of Autumn.

We've had a hot, humid summer with a lot of rain, but even with that I'm beginning to see a subtle change in the light (when we are not under rain clouds) and the place the sun is coming up on the horizon is a bit lower these days.  All signs of the seasonal change coming in four weeks.

Then there is this sign, too

Lindsay found this leave in my front yard last week.  I've learned that this does not it is mean that there will be an "early" autumn, but that the seasons are beginning the change from summer to autumn.  I'm seeing a hint of change on the trees that turn early.  

I have no idea what the color will be like this autumn with the tropical rainy pattern we've been in for two months this summer.  I hope that the autumn is dry, sunny, and beautiful.  

I can't wait to be outdoors again, to feel that nip of coolness in the air.  Soon it will be fair season, and time for fresh apple cider and pumpkins.

Okay, I'll stop for now.  But I can't wait!!!!


  1. I can't wait for fall either! We went to bed last night with the windows open and someone was burning. It just smelled like fall - I am ready!

  2. love those magazines ♥
    .. leaves don't really change in my neck of the woods until
    mid october and go until december when we typically see
    the rains begin. hoping for a wet winter .. we need it!
    i have one autumn magazine out and i'm forcing myself
    to take little peeks rather than devouring the beauty
    before autumn begins and i set to put a few things out
    for the season.

  3. I love fall-it's been a triple-digit, dry summer and I'm so ready for cooler weather!

  4. I am also dreaming of autumn, and have started putting a few touches here and there in the house, but like you I long to be outside, and with promises of cooler, drier temps. starting tomorrow, I will take advantage of this. ~smile~ Enjoy dreaming as it will soon be here.

  5. I confess that I enjoyed the little bit of cooler weather we had this week. Alas, we are back in the humidity soup for a while at least. Your wish for a wonderful autumn is one that I can join! it’s sad when the best thing we can say about summer is that it wasn’t winter. 😏

  6. A cool day today here, lifting the spirits! So refreshing!

  7. When we went on our mini vacation two days ago, we ended up at my cousins house, where she lives at the bottom of the mountain. In the morning we had windows open and enjoyed a cool morning, chatting over breakfast. It was a welcome relief!


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