Thursday, August 2, 2018

I Have My Event Planning Hat On

You may remember that I was the wedding planner and coordinator for a wedding this past May.  Two families, that we are friends with, kids married each other.  A brother of the groom from that wedding is getting married at the beginning of September and I am helping them with the plans and the coordinating!  

They are sweet, just bought a house, and excited to begin their lives together.  The wedding will be on a Sunday afternoon at one church and the reception at another church.  Both are lovely spaces; the church where the reception is being held is updating that reception space with new paint, flooring and the most delightful lights overhead!  Its going to be such a great reception space!

The bride and groom and the caterer and I all met up Monday night to look at this space and that's when I took this photo  -

I was focused on the light fixtures.  Aren't they great?  Its hard to tell in this photo with the old carpet and old color on the walls but its going to be so beautiful for their reception! 

The day of wedding activity will be interesting because of having the wedding on Sunday and at two churches.  So we're going to have two crews on at the wedding space and one at the reception space.  The caterer, Carol, and I worked together at the previous family wedding and we work well together.  We are both organized but laid back, so we don't stress each other out! (grin)  She'll oversee the crew at the reception space since she'll be there in the kitchen anyway.  I also will do photos of what the tables should look like when set, and Carol does a nice diagram layout of where everything goes.  I'm also sending Tim and my girls there to help with set up, so I'll be able to check in by phone and FaceTime.  

I'll be at the ceremony location, doing decor in the sanctuary.  We have plans for things to be pre-made (like pew decor) so we can just attach them.

I love wedding planning!

I love helping people plan celebrations!

Also, Tim and I are hosting a surprise party here on Saturday, and we have Kyle's 13th birthday tomorrow!  More on those next week!


  1. Personally, I think it’s one of your callings! 🤓 I’ll wait to wish Kyle a very happy birthday.

  2. Wow - you are going to be busy! I love that you get to do what you love! And you are so good at it! Me, not so much. I would be a ball of stress!

  3. It sounds like you are well organized for a potentially challenging wedding!

  4. People definitely know who to ask for a good job of organizing an event! I do think those light fixtures are some of the nicest "industrial" ones I've seen. Happy planning!

  5. You are sooo good at it....xo

  6. well golly gee you're a busy bee ♥


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